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Contest Entry: Queen Elsa of Arendelle



done for the Fan Fave Disney Princess contest! I know technically Elsa is a Queen, but she was a princess before, so it still counts!

I wanted to draw her in her coronation gown, because I'm sad it didn't get much screen time. It's so pretty. And I LOVE the hairstyle. Honestly I don't think it would look as good on Anna. It seems too elegant and mature for Anna, in a good way. 

I also wanted to show her with her powers, because honestly that's part of why she's one of my favorite princesses. That and it adds an extra 5 points towards my entry XP *shot*

I had a lot of help for the patterns on her dress. Thank you for making the outlines Kaeldri! The original post for this can be found HERE! ==> Elsa Coronation Dress Pattern Outlines

Link to the contest is HERE! => Contest 55 - Fan Fave Princess Challenge

Elsa © Disney
art © me

Done with my Wacom IntuosPro tablet and PaintToolSAI


I am now offering commissions! There's only four slots total and it's on a first come, first serve basis. So of you would like one, you better act fast!


Click here for more details! :meow:

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Wow, seeing her with a happy expression is actually a little creepy - she looks so much like Anna with that huge grin!
Nice job on the clothing. ^_^ The colors are great.