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Temple of Eeveelutions


My fanart of all of Eeveelutions. I decided to bring to them a japanese, old vibe as originally Pokemon comes from Japan.
I love every Eeveelution, so I decided to finally draw each of them in one drawing :D The turn to be guardian of these little cuties, was granted to Eevee. I made only it as Gijinka.

EDIT: I changed the lighting. Earlier it was pale, now it gained some more vivid colors (I guess it could be barely seen, but still).
By the way, it feels like Prima Aprilis, because just today a courier brought to me my new PC. It's a real beast, but... I can't run it with my normal screen. I had to order online an additional converter HDMI to VGA to do so. I'm disappointed. Having my beast next to me and can't even use it :(
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I just love this! It's so cute and atmospheric <333
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Wow, this is so gorgeous! Artimist - Happy / Cute / Amazing / wow 
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I like this concept of the mix between eeveelutions and demigods with the background of the temples. It is really cool idea for treating eeveelutions as a mythical creature which people cares, loves, and honores.

hmmm... What if there is a concept of twisting eeveelutions as a half elf and half creature that lives and adapts in many environments from the nature ? I wonder. That would be as cool as your "Temple of Eeveelutions".

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Oh, yes, elf + 'elemental creatures' would be a awesome combo :la:
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Magnificent job. 
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I saw a Kitsune before i realised it was an Eevee Girl

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A girl with an Eevee cosplay with the Eevelutions are cute. Leafeon, Umbreon, Sylveon, Glaceon, Flareon and Espeon are standing on stairs. Nice art.

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Ah yes, my favorite Eeveelution.

H u m a n e o n

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So great idea ^^
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I like the leafeon's reaction to the little whisp XD
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