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I've been informed that someone who went by the handle of '@silcavie' ('Camila') on Twitter has been tweeting my words (and those of others) verbatim as her own, including material from my dA, LiveJournal and elsewhere. She had even used my picture of my desk as her profile page background.

Since being warned by my informant, she had made her account private, so that her activity can no longer be tracked. But a browse of her earlier tweets reveals a startling number of my words and sentiments. You may be able to recognise or detect them, whether you already follow me there or are otherwise familiar with my writing.

She had even posted a journal entry of mine which is extremely personal to me, to which she had appended a few of her own words at the very end. That shook me quite a bit.  

What worries me most is whether or not she has been posting my artwork too. I haven't seen any in her earlier tweets, but I notice people complimenting her on something which I cannot see because of her newly set privacy. She has also been receiving compliments for the 'lovely words' and thoughts which she did not write.

As I write this, I find that the above account name no longer exists. I had anticipated as much and have taken a number of screencaps in case they should provide necessary evidence. She now goes by @csvie. This, too, has been set as private, and may also disappear before long.

I'm not trying to thunder any moral outrage in posting this. I wish only to appeal to my watchers to help me keep an eye out on her future activity if possible, and formally report her as necessary. If anyone is at all aware of her identities here or anywhere else, it would be extremely useful to me and to others. She is clearly aware of my accounts on other sites.

There need be no disproportionate reaction in this. Twitter accounts (or even online journals) are no great works of literature. But the manner in which one expresses oneself is one's own, and intellectual property must be respected. It does not count any less for being couched in snippets of one hundred and forty characters at a time. Plagiarism is simply wrong, by whichever means and in whatever medium. I hope 'csvie' will appreciate this.


ETA: Both the above accounts have now vanished. She now goes by '@oldmila'.

Thank you so much to everyone who has responded and for your help in this.

Latest edit: the last  account has now also vanished, and I am no longer able to track her. I don't know whether this means that she has stopped altogether or acquired an entirely new account with a new email and/or name which is presently escaping detection. It's evident that she is reading this very journal.

'Camila', I harbour no vindictive anger; but please recognise the complete impropriety of your actions and put an end to all this. I wish you well.

Thank you

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Thank you so much to new watchers, to everyone for all your favourites, for your continued interest, and quite simply for your general tolerance.

I am not always able to reply to every comment and have had to choose not to thank everyone individually for favourites and watches, for which I do apologise. Please be assured, however, that I appreciate them all very much.

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You are far sweeter than I ever could be to someone like that. Jealousy of someone else's ideas is something that I can understand - ideas and images expressed in a way someone *wishes* they could express themselves. But that urge of 'I wish I could have thought of that!' is a far cry from taking those words and images and claiming them as your own.

I don't mean to be one of those 'things were better in MY day' types, but in this respect, I feel like it was. Plagiarism was considered cheating when I was a kid, plain and simple. These days, there's some sense that because it's on the internet, it's free for use by all. It's a part of that huge growth in entitlement I'm seeing more and more. I don't get it! What happened? My husband is a teacher, so maybe I hear about it more than usual (and I get the entitlement every day on my job too), but it's frustrating. This 'Camila' person knows it's wrong, but there's only evasion instead of the appropriate shame.

Sorry. I'm getting upset for you. I hope everything settles in your favor and 'Camila' learns the obvious lesson.
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Thank you, Sarah. I really hope it has stopped. I really could do without this at the moment (well, one could do without it at any time (!), but right now is just not good...)
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another desperate girl who couldn't cope with the realization her mediocrity will never bring her the attention she craves for :D
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Oh wow! I am sorry to hear this! I certainly keep an eye out. Isn't your LJ set on friends-only?
I hope this harassment stops!
"camila" deleted her first account due to the fact that i called her out on stealing pictures of Philippine model Anne Curtis Smith and saying they were her. i had no idea her entire identity plus those of her "friends" were fake. people make me sick!
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So many more alarming things are surfacing about all this, it seems. Sigh...
wow just wow....the lengths people, including her will go to get to the actor and his friends/family. stealing words and arts that we all worked so hard on and taking credit would make me mad. then again some people don't tick that way, but *I* would really go after her. that's just me. thanks for the heads up.
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Oh, believe me, it upsets and unsettles me quite a bit. I'm just trying to be measured.
I can add a bit to the previous comment from ThatDocBrown. They also impersonated the friend of the actor's sister, so three twitter accounts involved (who knows how many people, I'd say probably two. But that's just idle speculation). All three have been closed now. They fooled an awful lot of people. I am pleased to be following Himmapaan now and thank 'TheftRepair' on twitter for pointing us in the right direction.
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Thank you so much for this.
Just to finish this awful nightmare and close it forever (I hope), actually she impersonate four people, the actor's friend, her sister, "Camila", and another girl who was insulting them but that in the end it turned out it was herself... I'm just amaze of how methodical and thoughtful was all this, I can stop thinking that if she would use her capacities for the good it would be a better world.. unfortunately she didn't. Finally, I'm following you, because I'm captivated of how beautiful is everything you do. x
I was just about to post all that but you beat me to it! I said on twitter - very well thought out and executed, I despise the act but admire the actor(s). On a personal note, part of my job is advising on online security and one of my openers when I'm doing a presentation is 'remember - people are not always who they say they are'. I am smiling, wryly, at my own stupidity! But, glass half full and all that, I got introduced to this lovely guy's word and art, and have also 'chatted' to some great people online.
Remember - all that twitters is not gold :-D
*words (not just one!) and art.
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Just thought you'd like to know this, as a lot of things have recently come to light - From what I can gather from Twitter, it turns out that the friend of the aforementioned actor who was conversing with the "Silcavie" account was ALSO not authentic. It would seem that both accounts were impostors, stealing both your posts, as well as the comments on them, and playing a very elaborate game in order to communicate with the actor. This went on to the extent that the actor himself has shared several tweets with the account impersonating his friend, sadly unbeknownst to him. As of now, the REAL friend of the actor has outed the the fake account for impersonating her, and as far as I know, both impostor accounts have been closed down.

I hope this cleared any of your apprehensions, or doubts. There are a lot of crazies out there, and if this person who had the audacity to steal your work is reading this, I hope she knows you can only lie for so long, before the truth catches up with you.
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I noticed a reply that was an exact copy of one of my friends' comments too ([link]). In hindsight, I probably ought to have mentioned that here as well, as it might have helped solve things sooner. I just thought it was complicated enough as it is. Sigh...

Thank you so much for explaining all this further.
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She seems to be a persistent leech, that's for sure - another Twitter account was discovered going by "milacanniny", which was reported, and has been closed down as well. The word is out on Twitter, and people seem to be keeping a weary eye out for her, if she surfaces again, mainly because she has harassed a wonderful artist like you along with a very beloved actor, with a very loyal fan base.
Here's hoping she puts an end to this soon.
And you're very welcome.
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I am outraged to read this. I don't have a twitter so I can't track her, but I would definitely report her if I could.
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And also, I'd like to rightfully compliment you on your words - they are truly lovely.
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I am terribly sorry for all that has transpired. I was in fact witness to all of the tweets and conversations, as I followed both Twitter accounts, and was completely unaware that said miscreant was stealing your words. I assume this person went to such extreme lengths in order to get close to an acquaintance of a famous actor, and the actor itself, as it seems the actor did indeed follow her eventually on Twitter. I feel ashamed to have complimented her on some of her wonderfully worded tweets, now knowing that the words in fact belonged to you. I hope that this person has moved on to better use of her time than stalking blogs like yours, and actors and their friends, as well.
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so sad... it must be very painful to be such a person. *shrug*.

you, on the other hand, are quite lovely :) :hug:
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How creepy and unsettling! :( The fact that she is so indefatigable is worrisome, given that some recent commenters seem to be right about her creating yet another twitter account. Ugh. :no: I suppose you'd need help from Twitter admins to block her IP address or some such. Makes me wish I had a twitter account to help investigate this matter further...

It would seem that she needs some variety of mental help. How can she not know better than to mercilessly tread on that which is so personal to you? It's situations like this that make us wary of the wired world around us.

Many hugs, Niroot. :hug: I hope this is resolved soon!
God, you know what? I realized something (yes I'm a little psychopathic maybe, or too good detective!)... when Camila posted this [link] the person to whom was referred the tweet answer with this [link], and curiously the answer is so familiar with the one someone post in your own entry (i'm sorry if i posted here but i need to prove my point) [link] ... so is coincidence? a conspiracy where they are coping EVERYTHING?? what the hell.... :/
Himmapaan's avatar
Yes, I noticed that too. I didn't mention it here as I thought it would be complicating matters even further. But that's really quite disturbing. Is somebody else copying my friends' responses too, or has this 'Camila' created yet another account merely to reply to her own stolen words? The mind truly boggles!
No because that account is real, i can tell... it seems she's friends with a famous actor, so is no fake... which make everything more sick and rare... why they are doing this?!
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