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Pregnancy Prophecy Problems

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"Just" 10 more years...

Well... it is for a good cause right?
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Nice belly button.

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That's long enough to have the adventure yourself, and at least two or three sequels! She'd be the main character at that point!

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That should be a picture

underbossatron99's avatar

whens the next one coming out

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I recall reading somewhere that elves are pregnant for something like two years or something...

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I think that was from the book of erotic roleplay. In Tolkien's lore, Elven pregnancy lasted a year, but Dwarven pregnancy lasted 10 years.

GoldGecko's avatar

Don't Elves live longer than Dwarfs?

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So this would be physically impossible

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Who cares? Anime physics don't follow real laws. High schools are rich, cars with move when they owner gets close. Slimes. Hentai. Etc.

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Well... you could use magic I suppose?

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bro please tell me there's a sequel where she gets even bigger
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I guess they mixed up metric and imperial... years.... yeah, that's a thing. I hope she'll manage.

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Prophecies; perplexingly problematic, particularly when pertaining to pregnancy.

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Is their a story for this one
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I hope we get to see more of her.

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I'm up to 7 years so far, no colors yet, just taking it easy with this progression.

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I'm looking forward to it.

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Good to hear that's a progression. Keep it up.
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Ten years souns like a good round number o.o i'm sure they have some runes or spells to prevent her from going into labor before that :3 kinda really wanna see her "happy" progress through these 10 next years >>;

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Well at lest she'll have tons of time with her baby?=P

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Hopefully the pregnancy pauses for 10 years, so she doesn't keep getting bigger.

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I'm hoping the exact opposite :)

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