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Hi, I'm just an unimportant, untalented introvert with depressions.
If regardless of that fact you like any of my pictures, feel free to leave your comments and fav's. If against my expectations you like more of my pictures, feel free to give me a watch. Any kind of feedback and responses is appreciated!

What will you find here?
- MMD (MikuMikuDance) Pictures
- Bad amateur smartphone photography
- OC's (mostly MLP), maybe other drawings

My comission info:
~Comission Info~ by HimeSeira-sama

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Just wanna develop her a little so i'm doing this interview made by :iconvikingmera:


Character: Black Thunder
Age: 20 Years
Gender: female
Sexuality: hetero
Occupation: Weather Pony
Era/world: Equestria


1. Who are you?

I'm Black Thunder

2. Would you say you're a nice pony? if not, why?

Usually not, because other ponies haven't been very nice to me in the past either..

3. Tell us about where you live.

Well, I live in Cloudsdale, which is a Town made out of clouds and floating in the sky.

4. Tell us about the world you live in! (this may change in the future if the oc is in drafts)

Oh uhm.. it's called Equestria and it's full of many different Ponies. But there are also yaks, dragons and other species.

5. Got any family? friends? tell us about them!

I have my mother, Black Lightning and that's pretty much all. 

6. What are your religious/spiritual beliefs?

I don't have any.

7. What are your aspirations / dreams / goals?

Someday I'd like to be a member of the Wonderbolts.

8. How do you react to a fight / battle?

I'm always ready for a little action. 

9. do you prefer going to a party or staying home?

Staying home, parties are way too noisy.

10. Do you have any special abilities?

I'm very good at handling thunderclouds and creating thunderstorms.

11. What is your biggest secret?

If I told it, it wouldn't be a secret anymore.

12. Favorite animal?

Well I like any.. cool animal. Like an eagle or a bat.

13. So, anyone you are romantically involved with right now? or crush on? What are your views on romance?

No, not right now. And i'm not interested in it.

14. Ok lets be honest, the ponies want to know what turns you on/find attractive.

Coolness mainly. 

15. What is your hobby?

Sleeping on thunderclouds, creating thunderstorms.

16. Who do you hate? Any enemies / rivals / etc?

There's no one I really hate, I don't have any rivals either. But if I had to choose my least favorite pony, it'd be Pinkie Pie. She's so noisy and talks too much..

17. What is something you just don't understand? (with people, your world, something else?)

When ponies say they dislike thunderstorms. 

18. Describe yourself in five words.

Oh uhm.. calm, cool, quiet, loner and complicated

19. Any personal things we should know about you? Any quirks maybe?

I don't know, ask everyone who knows me.

20. How do you deal with grief?

I usually play it cool, and cry when i'm alone..

21. Have you lost anything or anyone dear to you?

I'd say my dad, but I never really knew him so I wouldn't say I "lost" him. 

22. What are you like when you're happy?

Oh I honestly can't answer this.

23. What is your worst fear?  

Losing my mother.

24. What are your views on sense-reducing substance? (alcohol, drugs, etc)

Don't like it. 

25. What are you like drunk? (if they were scenario)

I'd never be.

26. Tell us about your culture!

I don't have a culture to be honest.. I just do what everypony else does.

27. Tell us your most cherished memory!

When I got my cutie mark.

28. Tell us your biggest regret.

Never tried to find out what happened to my dad.

29. Tell us about your worst memory.

Back in school when I was a filly, the other fillies bullied me because i was different.

30. Tell us about your current problem!

I don't have any problems at the moment.


New OC Concept Art
I made a concept art of a new OC. She's yet unnamed.

I'll work out a personality for her.

All I have right now is that she is rather mean, never goes anywhere without her whip because she needs it when people get on her nerves.. and she likes dark colors and the colors green and blue. 

Art by me


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mlp-melodymark Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello there! I just read your bio and I truly feel bad for you. You are important!
I also have depression and anxiety and it's really hard. I can't socialize good with unfamiliar people which can get really hard for me. I have to take medication now because of it and it's terrible.
I just want you to know that you are important! Even though I don't know you, I really want the best for you! I do hope you feel better soon. If you need someone to talk to, just note me and I will be happy to respond ^^
Btw love your art :)
HimeSeira-sama Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aw thanks so much! It's always great to see that there are nice people out there. 
I wish you the best too! And thanks for the offer, i will remember it ^.^ 
And i'm glad you like my art x)
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You're very welcome! :3 
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