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Wow, I finished this faster than I thought.

Hohenheim Elric, Jr. (Fullmetal Alchemist), Alphonse Elric (for the lack of imagination on my part. Help? ;_; ), Col. Cheryl Mustang (Flame Alchemist), Lust, Envy, and Gluttony.
Part of the Sins-recasted series.
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Lust as mustang
Mustang as lust this piece could be known as Laura baileys revenge lol
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Ahh how tides have turned lol. 
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fairymusicgirlStudent Filmographer
cool XD
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angelic-swordien Traditional Artist
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Hm... Well, if you're going by the original anime, perhaps Wrath as Alphonse? Or, if going by the second anime, maybe Selim/Pride? Hm... Greed could work, too...

XD That is, if I'm interpreting that right. I'm assuming that Roy=Lust, Al=Envy, and Armstrong=Gluttony? Ed would be an amazing Pride, too~. Maybe Winry as Wrath. XD -just having fun with this, ignore me-
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MADE OF AWESOME! YOU ARE AWESOME! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! :DDDD But... Where's homunculus!Ed... *sob* Keep up the good work. I hope to see more of this. But I can't really get on LiveJournal... So, maybe I'll se it on Fanfiction.net in the future. ;)
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ok i am officially in love with this.
lust,envy,and al against roy,riza,and armstrong?
but wheres ed?
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Hahaha!!! Awesome concept... I love it!
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Well that's something different. But kick ass all the same.
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mormongirlbyuProfessional Artisan Crafter
Dang. Lust looks so cool in a military uniform. I don't know what you mean by "help" in reference to Alphonse, though. Seems like he'd keep his name. Is he still on the good guy's side?
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Great pic. I'm definitely faving this!
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The good guy became bad guy and the bad guy became good guy? xD
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Damn, that's cool! I'd sure like to see the story for a recasting like this... :3
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Well this sure is a twist. o.o
Nice choice for the characters!
You drew them all so well! :3
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Okay, I've totally been converted to this AU. That looks EXCELLENT--beautifully done! And I love the idea!
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ohhhhhhhhhhh I get it, AWWW Roy is sexy x3
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That is so awesome. :D
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SyaomieProfessional Interface Designer
Nice :D
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XDD! .. neat idea.
(yeah you could've used rokuroku aka. barry : D ..roku my luv~~ XD)
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Hahaha! Gawd that funny! Hmmm.. You could have use Armour!Barry the chopper as Al. XD;

Somehow.. Homculous!Al kinda resemble to Wrath than Envy..
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OMG Lust is so uber sexy in that uniform. Well, she's always uber sexy... XD I love your artwork.
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Wahhh! I love the whole idea you have on this. Are you going to write a fanfic based on it?
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