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Roy in Kilt

By hime1999
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As per request, I present you, Roy Mustang (FMA) in a kilt. :D

Hmm, somehow I think something is wrong with the design....
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RavenTroglinHobbyist General Artist
I didn't know I wanted this, but I TOTALLY WANT IT!
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xXAnimenias-ChanXxHobbyist Traditional Artist
oh my.... :iconnosebleedingplz:
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strawberrysanddogHobbyist General Artist
not a kilt. a miniskirt.
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KDHeartHobbyist Writer
Thank you for making this exist :heart:
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Mustang: Feel the wrath of my...SMEXYNESS
Lucy: god....i hate u...but...i have to put up with u...UR LIKE A LITTLE KID!!
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iwuvgarfieldHobbyist General Artist
Roy just looked 10 times more sexy...
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This is just too cool...
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Oi, Mustang! I heard that it's supposed to get windy- *rolls out super turbo >9000 wind machine on a dolly*- in 3, 2, 1...

I couldn't help mahself :iconohohoplz:Kukuku... Fury's gonna have a time looking for his dog =.='
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Shaman-PixelsHobbyist General Artist
Oh my gosh... Oh my gosh... :eager: I think my life is complete. :faint: Seeing one of the most awesome men in FMA in a KILT. Granted, a few things are missing, but I'll just overlook that... >w>
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You know whats funny? Roy actually is a scottish name XD
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RabbitBitch Digital Artist
I love you.
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Wow O.O that's actually pretty freaking hot! Heh irony ^_^' anyway, I love this picture!
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OorusevenFiibaa7777Hobbyist General Artist
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SarlyneARTStudent Digital Artist
Roy Mustang= Damn cool&hot
Scotland= Great
Roy in a kilt=... indescribable!!!
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kokoronagomuHobbyist Traditional Artist

this is a wonderful pic, just lovely!!

you said it looked as if there was something not right...
traditionally there isn't fringe on the plaid but this is pretty fringe =)
the plaid would be longer and drape around the front and back more
--just minor detail that means nothing now that there are many modern styling and variations.

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Let's just hope he's wearing some underwear under that kilt, 'cause if he isn't, I'd hate to be around when a breeze arrives.

And some reason, I think he'd be horrible with bagpipes (which are an awesome instrument in my opinion).
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I know what's wrong. The kilt needs to be blown up a little bit... ;D

(not much. Just we can guess...
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SilverOceanAlchemistProfessional General Artist
Mustang is in a skirt! XDD
lol nice work d^^b
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It's so detailed!
and the pose.....ugh
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FireKunaiHobbyist Traditional Artist
Crumbs he can make a kilt look so freaking good <<3
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THAAA I love it!!! :D really,Roy suits with anything xD nicely done though,you're a wonderful artist,my compliments ^^
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meepmeeperson529Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hhahahhahha lol nice 1
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I think the kilt is a little short, but it's great anyway. :D
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