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Riza Hawkeye

By hime1999
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One of the real!chara series. Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist.
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PERFECT!!! This is EXACTLY how I imagine her. Top marks!
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I've never seen a realistic drawing of an anime character that I really loved before... UNTIL NOW!!! This is AMAZING!!
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This is one of my favorite drawings of Hawkeye.
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Wow... This is really impressive!
TempestasVentus's avatar
O_o wow...i love it. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :heart: :heart: :heart:
littlemisscinderella's avatar
This...is...amazing. You really made her come to life! Beautiful job ^^
LingisKing's avatar
wow so realistic
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This is awesome! I hadn't realized until I saw this just how much Riza and Sam (from Stargate: SG1) look alike. Great job!!
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I love this. The likeness is fantastic.

Now whenever I picture Riza Hawkeye, I'm going to think of this, and when I think of this I think of Samantha Cater from STargate SG-1. That actor would be perfect for her. Okay, returning to my fantasy world now...
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God beautiful ! <3
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I was just looking for pictures like this :) Well done I really like it.
Tar-Celebrian's avatar
I love your picture !!
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Really, this is simply breathtaking and realistically exhilarating. Can I use this for a project?
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ahhhh!!!! AWESOME!
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good job!
lekabr's avatar
good job!
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Oh wow! :iconwowplz: This is amazing!! I can't stop staring at it. You've... this is the best Hawkeye pic I have seen by far. :tighthug:
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holy cow!! just like how I picture her!! AWESOMEE!!!
MrsTrickster's avatar
That is Beyond AMAZING! :D I love it :3
stefan-the-hedgehog's avatar
wow she looks like the real one but not animed.lol
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Very good take on an anime/manga character!
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wow this is special to see Riza in real but this is great!
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