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Roy looking at a picture of his parents and himself as a small boy.
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This how I thoguth his parents were like! And that he had a uncle who was jeluois of his family and killed his parents in front of him! Crap I gave away my fan ficton's plot , I am a idot
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Hello, I have a blog on tumblr where i rp Mustang's mother... I was wondering if I might be able to use this as the background of my blog?
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:O gave me chills when i first read the caption. :'3 love it. So brilliant.
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He resembles Selim... eerie.

Otherwise... I somehow can't imagine him having a happy childhood. Either he was abused physically or he was given anything he wanted but neglected otherwise unless for represantation... *sighs* Really. He's so screwed up, even without the Ishbal-trauma...
dunno. He does not seem like someone who ever was a child - or a happy one.
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Ah! Awesome, so bittersweet.
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That's really good. :+fav:
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That is something I've always wanted to know more about. All we know about Roy's past is that he was adopted and that he studied alchemy under Riza's father. hmm... Anyway, awesome one. Love it CX
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Loooooooooooove it!
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Hey that's like from my fanfic "Revolutionary Alchemist" where his mother is Helena Mustang but I never gave a name or face of his father. :D The lady in the pic looks just like Helena. :D
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hmmm very helpfull
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That's brilliant! Awesome!
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Sooo cute... He does look a little like Selim, but still, great work. I like it.
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is his mother from xing?
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This is a cute picture, but too bad he's a foster child. :( We love you Roy!
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I was always wondering how he could looked like... You've done a very nice and good job!
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Awwww!!! :heart: Wonderful work! You amaze me...
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OH!!!! i love it!!!!
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So cute! <3
I'm so faving this!
I'm suprised that no one else ever draws anything about Roy's past!
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Nice job. Roy's mom was from Xing, eh? Does author Cow ever mention this, or is this just fan speculation? I guess it does fit. The Colonel does look sort of Oriental, doesn't he?
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it looks just like it was taken from the manga or maybe the anime! so very well done! *tosses kudos everywhere* favorite this of course!
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oh wow I've never seen a fanart of mustang's past.. this is great! excellent perspective too~
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aaaaaaaaaaaaa kawaii bgt ^^
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=3 cuteeee

^^ it make my life happier!
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