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I'm Sorry

By hime1999
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If Al finally died....

(fangirls, don't kill me)
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That's so sad. Yet it shows some very awsome parental roy Ed stuff 
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Your fanart is some of the best this fandom's ever had. :)
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I'm crying now. I really hate you, you know that? YOU HURT MY FEELERS! D: Now if this is just a nightmare, then it's fine, I've written a few of those myself. 
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Omgggggggggggg this is great but so sad and I just have all these feels and what do I do?!? I love how Edward is crying in front of Roy :3 you almost NEVER see that and I'm such a RoyEd fangirl that it just squeezes my heart to see this art ;)

Great job!
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Nooooooooo~ Aru!! Fantastic. Poor Edo TT_TT
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My parental!Roy feels are coming on...
Wha?! Al is dead?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *Continues that until I die* haha good job btw. :)
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awww love it, roy rlly looks sympathetic
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Aww I feel like crying too now. Ed is so adorable when he's crying, but it's so sad. ;_;'
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It is a great excuse for Roy/Ed bonding though
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is that a mustache...? D:
Great work.
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sad....roy should totally be more fatherly
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So sad!!!! :cry:

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Nouuuu D':

Poor Al T.T

Great job, even if Roy wouldn't do that..>:
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OHHH !!!!!!! ;__;

ThaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaT`s soooooooooooooo
WONDERFULL !!!!!!!!!! :iconinloveplz:
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*strikes with fangirl spear anyway*
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that is soo damn sad but i love it!!!
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they are sweet together *-*
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Poor Ed. *huggles him*
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noooooooeees al dead and edo sad :cries:
hes crying and he has that "this cant be happening" face
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