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I See Only You

By hime1999
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Call me blind
But in my world
I see only you

A gift for Kalika Maxwell.
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Finally ;-; an alxroy drawing!!
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It's so cute! It's one of the only RoyxAl drawings I've ever seen! Al is so cute!!! >w< <3
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I think this is the first RoyxAl fanart I've ever seen.. O.O Thought I was the only one with that pairring in my head. Sweet<3
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more!!!!! please!
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I'm a bigger fan on Royai than EdRoy and AlRoy. Does anyone know how do you combine Roy and Riza to Roy?
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*bursts into tears*

But... sweet picture. although I'd prefer a cooking Roy. (hrrrr)
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*Flails* Oh God, I know, I cried for two hours when I read the chapter with Roy and the Gate.
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Ande me...

I really wished to transmute the author into someone with more heart for her fans...
(but then again - if she only drew with the thought to please as much fans as possible... the story would suck. It is tragedy, it is drama, it is unexpected - and we love it. ^^)
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Exactly, but still... In the awesome sauce department it opened up a bunch of fanfic and fanart opportunities for Roy and Ed and Al.
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Well - for this we are fangirls. We see opportunities for our pairings in ANYTHING. XD In our hand, ashes may be turned into (fangirly yaoi)-gold
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Exactly. *laughs* But I mean, this one really set it up.
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btw - I LOVE your sig.
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I absolutely love Al's expression.
Bravo ! <3
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omg that is such a crack pairing. BUT ITS ADORABLE!
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Interesting pairing. On Al's end, at least. But it's still adorable. ^_^

May have to favorite this one....
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I love this pairing so dearly TTwTT :heart:
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Squee!!!! -is a fool for yaoi pairings- I've always loved Al, and he's so cute here! haha, Roy's a pervert, but its ok because its cute! Great job on the picture though I love the little coloring you've done, leaving the rest green, good idea, makes them stand out more <3
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al!!! yay. this is awesome. what is it with al and cooking :lmao: there's a lotta that around. which i enjoy xD
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My 2 fav FMA bishies! :heart::heart::heart:
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wow is this an actual roy al ?o.o
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Ah The touch of another man at home :)
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