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Happy Families :ch.4:

By hime1999
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(excerp from Happy Families ch.4, beta version by girl_starfish)

"What happened? Brother, are you all right?"

"Just had one of his turns." It was Envy that answered. "I was passing and I heard the noise. For god's sake, Alphonse, don't come closer or you'l cut yourself on the glass. Go fetch the housemaid or something."

"It's all right, Al," Edward's voice sounded unsteady. As Roy reached the doorway, he could see that the boy was pale, leaning heavily against Envy. As they watched, he straightened, regaining his balance and hastily putting distance between himself and his half-brother. "I'm not hurt. You'd better go." He was very carefully not looking at anyone.

Alphonse hesitated a moment longer before jogging down the corridor. "I'll be back soon!"

Envy let go of Edward's wrists, giving him a push toward one of the two twin beds that made up the room. "It's all right, gentlemen," he said. "As you can see, everything is perfectly under control."
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Look's kinda pervish
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Wow..I didn't knew you were this popular with people...Would it be okay if I took some notes from your arts to help me improve?I've got to admit I do love everything out of all of your arts that I've seen so far.^^ Mainly it's the coloring details I love the most.^^ You put so much detailing in the coloring.^^ But I've got to admit I'm really impressed.^^
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I love all the detail and such but...May I ask what's happening like what happened how did the glass get broken on the floor and why is he holding Eds wrist?.
But still cool art.
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This is so awesome. Ed's pose is amazingly done and the expressions are great.
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i love this picture, its so...interesting =p
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scary! im afraid!! >< *stabs envy* this intruiges me!!! *steals, pets*

im not good at spelling
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ah it looks awesome
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Envy and Ed looks so awesome!:)

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Hn, seems I sorta dropped in late...Wilhelm (Human!Envy) Looks amazing...*Nods for a moment, then smiles.* I'd pay you, if you did a commission for me...we should talk. ^_^
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Dang... you're awesome at coloring and poses. I ADORE this :heart: My two favorite characters.
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Your very good with the facial expressions. Expressed in such an in character manner. And your interpretation of Envy is wonderful even though he only has shown that face for a while in the anime.
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Envy? Is that you? 0.o

I kno it's Envy. But... Envy? Is that you?
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I really want to see you draw Izumi and Sig in this style. I need to read this fic when I find a moment of free time.
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must add to favorites *adds* whats the fic for this, I need to know >_<
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amazing job with the poses and ed's expression. lovely!
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You draw so well. *happy sigh*
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I'm now reading girl_starfish story and I may say that your images fit to it perfectly. They are great! :+fav: keep working :) you are great artist!
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Ed looks so sexy... but i dont exactly get whats going on... and you forgot to draw Ed's automail... or is this a drawing off of the movie? anyways i love it!
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These are sooo awesome I've been reading these for a while now, there's only 8 right? I've read them all I just can't comment on all of them :D I'm highly lazy. I hope the maker of the full version of these stories makes more soon!
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The poses are expertly done, as are the expressions (especially Ed's) There is such emotion is his face, and I don't even know the fanfiction.
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Ed doesn't look very happy here. Mou~ You already got me addicted to the whole fanfiction and I haven't even started yet. XD; I just have to read it now, because these drawings look so good. Oo And I can feel a lot of angst coming from this picture. Oh well~ I'll get to it some day. XD *hops to the next drawing*
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ee! it's true form envy! haven't seen anyone draw him before this. :3 (doubt i'll see anyone draw him THIS well either. XD ) :heart: now i wanna read that fic...
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Read! I do recommend you to read it. :#1:
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