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Happy Families :ch.3:

By hime1999
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(excerp from Happy Families ch.3, beta version by girl_starfish)

Edward took a deep breath. "We want to design and build airplanes."

"You must know that's impossible,” Dante said with patronising kindness. "Surely you realise that would take years of testing, of flight trials -- and there's simply no way that you could ever pilot, Edward."

"I'll be the pilot,"Alphonse said firmly. "We've got a codebook from an RAF pilot, and I already know most of it by heart. I should be able to get a pilot's license easily --"

"You'd need a plane first," Envy pointed out. "Or have you forgotten?"

"Even providing you had a test pilot, I'm afraid that there would be no chance of you being allowed to operate the sort of machinery used to build a plane. You must realise, Edward, that were you to have an episode while working --"

"I'll have Alphonse there, or someone else," Edward said firmly. "We'll think of a way around this."

"Be more polite when addressing an elder, Edward," Hoenheim said. "I'm sure you and your brother will figure something out. You certainly seem to have everything planned neatly."

Edward looked startled at this announcement, but Alphonse fairly glowed at the praise.
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you should put it on fanfiction.net more people would see it after it is the fourth most popular site toping myspace and youtube. i sound like those commercals that comes on at 4am.

love this pic
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What exactly did you color this series of drawings for "Happy Families"? I love the effect it has- it's very nice. :D
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damn...this is very well done matey *0*
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I've read a few chapters of this story. I didn't know that there were pictures to go along with it *is super happy*
I like the expression of Edward's face.

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I love this! ^___^ Edo's expression is wonderful! And Al's is too! ::skips off to read the fic::
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Oh, that's very nice as well. ^^ I love the 19th/early 20th century style you put them in. Ed and Al look good in those clothes. And their expressions are so cute~! Al all enthusiastic and Ed taken slightly aback by their father's compliment. I think that, after I've worked myself through this, I'm certainly going to read the fanfiction as well. I've become curious now. XD;
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WONDERFUL picture of alphonse. I have yet to see a better picture of a teenage alphonse.
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LIKEOMFG!!!! Ed looks so CUUUTE here! :heart: ____________:heart:
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i love their expressions X3
the coloring is so classy :heart:
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Whoah~!!! Really cool looking!! Really like how you did the background!!
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X3 really really nice textures!! and their faces are just the best!!
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As always, you leave my mouth right open and in awe. Thank you for that tasty piece!
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It's pictures like this that make it impossible to decide which elric is cuter XD I love their outfits and the whole vintage look of the picture :)
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XD cool!
They look soo cute! XD :heart:
And I love the 'old' look of it!
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That's amazing^^
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Wow! That is amazing! I feel like watching you on da now isn't enough ><
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^^ Adorable! I absolutly love Edo's expression! ^^ Its so kawaiiiiii! Also, I'd like to thank you for introducing me to the fic!! I love it so far!! ^^
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