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If fate had been kinder, Ed and Al would have been living in Rizenbool with their father, mother, and half-brother.

A request from rootoftheoracle.
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What could have been if Hohenheim of Light hadn't been such a douche.
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this is so cute! i love this so much, and yes! if fate had been kinder they would've all been a happy family! <3
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I think so guess envy right?
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He he😏, this is the only time Ed and envy are in a 100 foot ratios of each other, and aren't trying to kill each other😅
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Even though I don't really care much for the original FMA series (I prefer Brotherhood), this is really good!
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Love this, it's beautiful 
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We definitely need more pictures like this! :)
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I cannot. I cannot find words to express all of the emotions that I am feeling right now. Hnnng my heart. This is just so good and aaah this family this family why. Why did so many awful things have to happen to all of them it just isn't fair. TTATT

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who the hell is the half-brother??? OMG!!!!! Is there something I missed!!!!!????

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*Spolier?* its from the original anime....that half brother....is in a way...Envy. he's the failed human transmutation of Hohenheim and Dante (while Sloth was Ed and Al's)
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Ohh you're right!!
In the FMA anime there's the suggestion Envy is Hohenheim's son/daugther!! I always wondered, though, do you think Trisha would accept it?? I mean, cause in that anime I don't think she even knows the truth about her husband....
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so cool. what's the half-brother's name?
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Envy's human name is never canonically revealed, but the majority of the fanbase refers to human!Envy as "William". I've also seen people use "Hoju", "Vyktor", "Tyrian", "Edward", and "Van".
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Envy is the older brother!!!!! XD
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me encanta esta super
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:iconwtfedplz: Get your hand off my shoulder!
:iconenvyplz: Oh, quit it, pipsqueak. Pose for the camera.

This is beautiful. If only things could have turned out this beautiful, right? :iconinuamazingplz:
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That sounds like a recipe for an AU series.
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dude that is so interesting!!
great job!
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Oh...oh my gosh... I am speechless :jawdrop:
I never really even had this thought in my mind...and I never really liked Envy, especially after what he did to Edward in the first series...but ...there is just something about this idea...like...Envy being the older Brother to Alphonse and Edward...and having a personality between the extremes of Ed and Al's...hmmm...you really have me in deep thought here...my muse might be going now :)
Thank you so much for this wonderful, thought provoking picture! :heart:
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the perfect family =]
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*sniff* Why didn't we get a happy ending? Poor babies...
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I seriously envy your skills. The pic is awesome.
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prefect little family
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