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Cultural Exchance

By hime1999
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Well, Mei did say that she wanted to study Amestris' alchemy under Ed.

(Goodness, EdxMei is so my OTP :D)
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i prefer Ed x Winry, but i also think Ed x Mei is cute. :) this drawing is really good. :) Ed does look a little too tall, but he does grow some before the final battle, so this picture could take place in a little break time before that.
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eeew not me x mei i like winry better *blushes*
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EdxMei?! Well that's certainly an interesting idea! But the picture is so cute I can't help but kind of fall in love with pairing.
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Edward lokk soo sweeet !!!!! :iconhyperplz:
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GreatJob, It's Cute ^^
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bean girl x bean boy is scary o.o;; hey cool flying origami crane though aren't those japanese?
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Aw, how sweet! I like how the the alchemy effects are done.
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Aw. This is absolutely adorable. Their facial expressions are just too cute.
And omg. Xiao Mei. *fangirls for panda* xD
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awww that's so cooool! i love it! :heart:
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Aww! ^.^ Gotta love the lil Panda :giggle: Hessss SOO cute! love his expression all scared hehehe :giggle:
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It's Mei!!! I love you!
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I love the expression on Xiao's face. XD -petpets the panda!-
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im not a fan of this couple but this is cute!
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[link] I just wanna see what happens when she finally meets him and sees hes short! XD
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KAWAII!!!!! Ed is so well drawn... he's SOOOOO cute!
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Your style reminds me of the peron who does Hot Gimmick. I like it a lot. ^^
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Squeee!! Mei! Ed! Together! So cute~~~
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awww I think it's the sweetest FMA fanart I've ever seen! *loves it* :clap:
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ed is the sex >3 love your style! really really cool!
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awww...so adorable! ^__^ she kinda looks like nina which makes me sad but then happy cause now ed can have another little girl to play with (not how it sounds...) XD
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i looove the colors you chose on this < 333
i'm not familiar with fma (still downloading...), but these two look so cute together! love their poses, and this whole picture is just really adorable. love the panda and ed's expression as well :hug:
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Well, too bad you won't find the girl because she's a manga-only character.
Welcome to the fandom. ;)
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