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Goo Love

By Hime--Nyan
For Minoz332

I :heart: Goodra! :dummy:
A Male Goodra and a Shiny female Goodra. C:

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© 2014 - 2021 Hime--Nyan
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I wonder if getting hugged by a Goodra is anything like the pokedex makes it out to be.

I wouldn't mind finding out. :D
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Soo cute!! I love it and goodras
Hime--Nyan's avatar
Thank you! ^v^ And i love Goodra too! :D
MrAxewGuy's avatar
Oh my goodness! I've been looking for this artwork forever. I saw it on Google Images once and fell in love with it. This is so adorable!:heart:
Hime--Nyan's avatar
Lol okay, i'm glad that you found me and my artwork! XD

Thank you!
Ene (Smile) [V7] 
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DrChrisman's avatar
hey just like my two:XD:
Yellowpikmin476's avatar
Awwww! I wanna get hugged by both of them! :3
Radin-NMaster's avatar
I love this! It's like my shiny male and non shiny female. I've had both for so long that I've grown attached to them! No, really, when I tried hugging one I got stuck to it. Help me. XD
Hime--Nyan's avatar
Hahah awww thanks~ xD
KessieLou's avatar
All stages of the Goomy line are so adorable!:iconadorableplz:
Hime--Nyan's avatar
yepp that's right! >u<
nekozy's avatar
Awwww :'3 So adorable <3
nekozy's avatar
You're welcome X3
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AWWWWW SO CUTE!!!, but... etto... My two goodras are females... but is so good, wath is the difference? I LOVE IT >w<

I think they should both be female as you depicted. Male Goodra are really ugly ;_;
Hime--Nyan's avatar
Thanks and oh I'm sorry oops.. xD i hope that's okay ^^"
Wanderer619's avatar
They are SO Cute ^^
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