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AJ-Emoticons -SPOILERS-



Probably too late now, but: SPOILERS FOR APOLLO JUSTICE!!




At least a few tiny ones.

Yeah. Since my Phoenix Wright-emoticons (-> [link]) were so much fun to draw and are becoming my most popular deviation (at least it seems so) I decided to do an Apollo Justice version as well.

This time it was a bit harder, because I already used 16 emoticons in the PW-one and didn't want to have one twice.

Oh my, in AJ everything and everyone is so ... colourful XD?
And, again, the list:

=u= = Hobo! Phoenix
> : ) = Apollo (lol - he looks so tiny XD)
= D = Trucy
; ) = Klavier
=ò3ó= = Wocky
o.o = Vera
^v^ = Alita
=_= = Ema
B| = Machi (...)
: = Lamiroir
>¦D = Zak. It's supposed to be eyes, mustache and mouth, but I just saw you can also think it's eyebrows, eyes and mouth XD - pick your favourite xD
:[) = Valant. Lol, it's his moustache and his mouth! Looks like a silly version of : D ..... damn XD.
D< = Daryan
8< = Kristoph
8) = Kristoph's little friend
°`__´° = Little Plum
òvó = Olga
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:33< hmm apollo is almost doing this: >:]