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AJ-Emoticons -SPOILERS-

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Probably too late now, but: SPOILERS FOR APOLLO JUSTICE!!




At least a few tiny ones.

Yeah. Since my Phoenix Wright-emoticons (-> [link]) were so much fun to draw and are becoming my most popular deviation (at least it seems so) I decided to do an Apollo Justice version as well.

This time it was a bit harder, because I already used 16 emoticons in the PW-one and didn't want to have one twice.

Oh my, in AJ everything and everyone is so ... colourful XD?
And, again, the list:

=u= = Hobo! Phoenix
> : ) = Apollo (lol - he looks so tiny XD)
= D = Trucy
; ) = Klavier
=ò3ó= = Wocky
o.o = Vera
^v^ = Alita
=_= = Ema
B| = Machi (...)
: = Lamiroir
>¦D = Zak. It's supposed to be eyes, mustache and mouth, but I just saw you can also think it's eyebrows, eyes and mouth XD - pick your favourite xD
:[) = Valant. Lol, it's his moustache and his mouth! Looks like a silly version of : D ..... damn XD.
D< = Daryan
8< = Kristoph
8) = Kristoph's little friend
°`__´° = Little Plum
òvó = Olga
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:33< hmm apollo is almost doing this: >:]
ShadowMistfall's avatar
kristophs little friend
i cried
Rightmare19's avatar
Kristoph's face is perfect and the hand too
iWantToBeATotodile's avatar
Kitten-Kid's avatar
PWAHAHAHAHAHHAHA! Wocky and Vera are spot-on!
Kitten-Kid's avatar
Sees Klavier: lol
Sees da hobo : LAWLZ
BorderlineCloud's avatar
I love the way you drew Wocky and Ema!

yoshi-hikari's avatar
funnnyyyy tooon heyyy ouoooooooooooooo
Talon-StarDrifter's avatar
<3 Very adorable and clever!
Himbeerschnee's avatar
mayehriko's avatar
can you let me use this for our school paper? as a design ?? please
Leetfish's avatar
Epic<3 I love Orly's face xDD
KaitouLiz's avatar
This is pretty much awesome. XD

Machi made me laugh the most out of all of them though! Have no idea why.. it's just so.. perfect? XD
Himbeerschnee's avatar
thanks a lot :3!
KaitouLiz's avatar
You're welcome! :D
CanneDeBonbon's avatar
Ahahahahaha Kristoph's devil hand.
devonxxdoomsday's avatar
lmao daryan's is perfect.

"Tell them I said hi. Oh, and screw you."
Viridilly's avatar
I love Apollo!! XD
I thought > is his eyebrow, then after I saw th pic, I LOL XD
Himbeerschnee's avatar
Heh x'3. Thank you!
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