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projectzeropagepractice by himanuts projectzeropagepractice by himanuts
I know alot of people watch me because they're waiting on Monochrome Reign. Don't worry, it's coming. So don't be alarmed by this (this thing you see is going nowhere). For MR I still need (or needed?) to figure out how the page set up would be, and having the panels on what would be a white page with white speech bubbles seems like the way to go. It's more simple, looks more clean and looks more organized.

I simply decided to play around with the page format using that Digimon design project I've neglected. You know, this project. [link] If all goes well it'll be a fanfiction for which I'll do illustrations for.

MR will come. We just feel it's better for information on Gray to surface.

On what you see on this "comic page", the kids are supposed to be two of the five chosen children that pre-date those from Adventure. I'm still very iffy about them. VERY. I've sketched them all out without silly head gear and acessories and all look rather nice in my opinion. But when I get onto accesorize them..ugh. The girl there is the best example. I really like how she looks without the braid, hat and goggles. But with them it's the colors.

On the goggles. What you're seeing is intentional. Many people have wanted to see a female goggle head, but what I've seen made by the fans I don't like. They seem to forced. And I also dislike going against tradition. Goggle Hero Boys. But canon has never provided a reason why the goggles are important or why and/or how the heroes got them. That's all the intentions behind this. Playing with what the fandom wants, what canon has established as tradition, and taking advatage of what canon for no reason lacks.

On the Digimon. With this test page I finally color the rookie form of Zhuqiaomon. You may know him as the evil giant flaming birdy we see in Tamers. The Sovereign/Holy Beast of the south. His design is supposed to match Azulongmon's rookie form. With them I wanted to go with the mythology of the dragon and pheonix representing conflict. If I recall, something along the lines of rivalry. I keep mentally picturing Zhuqiaomon with a personality similar to Vegeta or Paul (Pokemon) considering he is the only virus type of the Holy Beasts.

Well, on another thing seen here. Bullmon and the Digimental of Hope. It was said at the begining of Adventure 02 that armor digivolution was an ancient for of Digivolving. The Holy Beasts also had involvement in distributing the Digimentals to the Adventure 02 chosen children. So this made me think that by the time the group that predated Taichi's could've been in the Digital World during the time Armor Digivolution was commonplace.

In Digimon Tamers the Holy Beast Digimon are some of the oldest, if not the oldest Digimon. So why would their Adventure counterparts be that different? We can easily set them to start out as rookies in a rather young Digital World where Armor Digivolution is run of the mill.

If Armor Digivolution is common, how does it go about? I was thinking the Digimon have come across the different Digimentals and harvested their power to make the Digivolution ability easier to attain. The kids, end up needing to take the Digimentals to digivolve their Digimon. Pretty interesting material for conflict.

Okay. I'm going to stop babbling now. To the scrap pile!
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December 27, 2011
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