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And Pikachu..

I. Suck. At. Backgrounds.

Lol. I like GSC era Kanto..the concept of was lackluster in the games (also remakes).

I wish the anime would apply it. D:

Uh..I did this for practice...I want to make a comic...but..ugh. The first sentence.

First time drawing Golduck though. xD
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Misty: Your Pikachu isn't evolve?
Ash: Hell no. He don't need this. He's probably at level 100.
Misty: No, Ash. Pokemon levels don't count in Anime. We are anime characters. No game characters. But if you think your Pikachu are so strong, how about a battle?!
Ash: Bring on, Misty!
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Hey, nobody's perfect. Besides, the intent seems pretty clear, and isn't that what counts? :D
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That's Ash ? How dare him steal Red's clothes !
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I think the background is great!
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I like the backgrounds and nice cross between Ash wearing red's clothes. Looks good on him.
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You draw awesome! I love Misty's HGSS outfit!
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:( why cant this happen! ash why must you be ten forever. i say its b/c he keeps meeting legendaries in the movie... he has found the secret to eternal youth!
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he still ows her that bike
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LOL he owes lots of female companions bikes.
Hmm...Ash looks good in Red's clothes.
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Well i honestly would like to see this concept in the anime. Especially now that Ash and Misty both have grown. We ha vn't seen her in the series since the Hoenn League episodes and that was only for a special episode involving Togepi (not cou nting the "Master of Mirage Poke'mon" special) i definately thi nk it'stime to show how much the y have both mat ured phy sically and emotionally and see if they can finally admit their feelings to each other.
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Combine Ash and Red is somewhat arkward for me, but I'll take it.
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8D They remeet!
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And... Misty's face. :D
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Oh gawsh. I feel so lame, because I totally fangirled at the end with Ash. Bahaha. Nice idea, I actually have had similar idea for a comic too!
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8'D I always knew it was Ash she was on a date with there! :D
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Looking good! :D Kasumi is so pretty with her hair like that. :D <3
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This makes me want to see more. :D
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