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[MMD] feverdream TDA base + DL //update 21.11.16

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Aaaaand here it is!! Sorry I made you guys wait so long, the base has been finished for ages but I kept forgetting to upload it;;
This is the base used for the FeverDreamTeam's old selfmodels.

//update 21.11.16
Okay, so apparently these bases are far from glitch-free, but unfortunately I don't know enough about rigging to fix them myself. I very rarely actually animate in MMD, I mostly just use it for still images, so most of the glitches I'm hearing about I honestly wasn't even aware of;; Anyone who wants to put the time in is free to try and fix these bases up themselves, but I'm done with them for now and don't have any current plans to update them in the future.

//update 30.09.16
Added bases for Luka, Gumi and Teto. Miku's and Rin's bases have been updated.
BabyPitbullButterfly figured out a quick fix for the glitch this base was suffering from, so thanks to them these models should be glitch-free now!
Bullet; Green Bases for Miku, Rin, Luka, Gumi and Teto!
Bullet; Pink A headless base for you to pop any head you want onto!
Bullet; Yellow PSDs of the face, body and nail textures for easy editing!
Bullet; Blue SPAs and toons made by me from scratch especially for this base!
Bullet; Green Edit all you want.
Bullet; Green Take parts as you please.
Bullet; Green You can redistribute as a finished model.
Bullet; Green Credit! The credits are listed below.
Bullet; Green Follow TDA's rules.
Bullet; Red Do not reupload.
Bullet; Red Do not redistribute edits of this base without permission.
TDA, HiLoMMD, Stylc, YamiSweet, 2234083174. More specific credits are in the comments of each model.
© 2016 - 2021 HiLoMMD
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Dl Thank you

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Dl, thanks! :3

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downloaded!!! tysm, this base is so cute

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dl'd! Arigato!

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I think the DL isn't working, because whenever I try to DL, it gives me a HTML that fails to DL

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