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I have never coloured one of my pieces on the computer before. I've had Paintshop Pro 7 for a while now (thanks to one of my friends) but I've just never gotten around to actually colouring one of my works in it.
Well, yesterday I decided to remedy that.
Anything else I need to do to it? I'm daft when it comes to technology, so if you know any techniques I could implement, or anything, do tell.

I like it for my first attempt quite alot! :)
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Ooh! I like this one a lot! It looks wonderful!
Dudley wimpering is a nice touch. xD
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Very accurate. I adore it.
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This is such an accurate description, and Harry's shocked expression of having getting an actual present.... well, it just goes BEYOND precious, let me tell you that. I mean, man.

*Sigh* Poor little Harry back then...
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I was about to suggest you draw people from life if you want more realistic drawings, but I just got back from visiting your gallery and it appears you've been doing exactly that!

There is much in this that is good. The disgust and fear on the Dursley's faces... Harry reaching for the cake almost timidly, with an "Is that for ME?" look on his face... the way Hagrid's big hands hold it out to him... the gentle look on that big guy's face... :thumbsup:

When I read the first book I was astonished how much I was moved by this exact scene. Much of the book up until this point has been devoted to describing the dursley's abuse of Harry, which included ignoring Harry's birthday completely... while making a point of spoiling dudley more than ever on his. :cake:

Then when Hagrid gave Harry his first ever birthday cake, I think I almost got a lump in my throat. :tears:
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wow this is fantastic, you show so much style even in your first attempt, the drawing in itself is amazingly good, and the colouring is just as impressive. well done on a seriously great piece of art :D
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This is awesome, I think the way the Dursley's are positioned, and how Dudley and Vernon are wearing the same thing is really cool. I also like the clothing on Harry, how it's too big, and how Hagrid and Harry's positions are, it all looks awesome.
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LoL, this is so great. I love how you showed the drastic contrast in Hagrid's massive body compared to Harry's young frame.
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bachel60 Traditional Artist
Harry looks sooo cute! I love this!:+fav:
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I like it! You captured the expressions just right and they all look like they're supposed to. This is how I imagine the HP book characters in my head! :)
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