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blue Luna

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She's so fun to dress! :D
Water colour and mechanical pencil on blue paper.
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She's SO freaky =) But very handsome and even cute at the same time.
izclark's avatar
that is SO luna XD i love it!!!
JoeMerl's avatar
Neat! Especially the look of color and light. =D
WeCouldBeHeros's avatar
shes awesome... but scary
Lucius-Admirer's avatar
omg this is perfect!!! hahaha. so cool :D
SesshomaruRoxmySox's avatar
Oh my god!!! LUNA!!! *huggles her*
narha's avatar
so cool!!! ^^
Eternal--Witness's avatar
Ha ha so suitably dressed and nice work on the eyes, hair and general expression!
noramarie's avatar
Aaaah...perfectly crazy:)
Ryua's avatar
HEr eyes are so big and... Luna looking...
xMessr-Prongsx's avatar
Lol! Checkered pants with rainbow stripey socks, rock on! The huge eyes are also so luna, i love it!

blue-nadir's avatar
Hehehe! The alert yet somehow vacant expression is SO Luna. Great use of the coloured paper. :)
an-honest-mistake's avatar
this is fabulous- well done!
Shmivv's avatar
That ROCKS. It's almost exactly how I picture her.
girl-farting's avatar
Perfect Luna face and hair!
pottering's avatar
cool! I love trousers :D

kiwikewte's avatar
That's really cool, I love the wide eyes. And the wardrobe is awesome, I'm tempted to draw her in some funny clothing ;)
PoorMedea's avatar
Oh, she's so great! The expression is absolutely perfect.
spygirl4000's avatar
wow thats cool. Thats exactly how I picture her.
caitluvsanime's avatar
wow :+fav:
submit this too ....coz this is awesome.
youdripwithhate's avatar
WHOA freaked out by the eyes a bit there lol

awesome job
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