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The Slug Club- HBP

"Harry, m'boy!" said Slughorn jumping at the sight of him so that his great velvet-colored belly seemed to fill the remainging space of the compartment. is shiny bald ead and great silvery mustache gleamed as brightly as the golden buttons on his waistcoat....
"H erecognized a tall black boy wuth hugh cheekbones and long slanting eyes... and looking as though she was not entirely sure how she got there, Ginny.
"-and this is Marcus Belby, I don't know whether-?"
Belby who was thin and nervous-looking...

HBP chapter... something...

the original pencil sketch: [link]
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KBAFourthtime's avatar
May he who played Marcus Belby rest in peace... and he was so young a martyr.
SmartWithACapitalE's avatar
That's an EXCELLENT Slughorn!!!!!!!!!!
Walter-the-Wizard's avatar
musicsuperspaz's avatar
Now THAT'S a Slughorn! I'm so tired of seeing him non-cannon. I'm not thrilled with the design/casting of him in film 6, but hopefully the dude's acting will make up for it.

In your drawing he's so jolly and plump! Is is watch telling the time that they were on the train?
I sincerely believe that the casting will prove to be perfect acting wise. :)
I mean, this is the dude who played Harold Zidler in 'Moulin Rouge', the police chief in 'Hot Fuzz', the Professor in the new 'Chronicles of Narnia', the Bridget's dad in 'Bridget Jones' diary', Mr Osborne (george's dad) in 'Vanity Fair' and Gilbert (of Gilbert and Sullivan) in 'Topsy Turvy'-

I think he will hit this one out of the ballpark. XD
musicsuperspaz's avatar
yeah I'm lame, and only have seen "Moulin Rouge" and "Bridget" - but don't really remember much about that film.

I hope you are right! :D
lol no no I'm the lame one! I'm a huge movie buff nerd. XD
CodilineChan's avatar
Oh my goodness, this is so sweet.
Rest in peace, Marcus Belby...
The actor who is portraying him in the next Harry Potter film died.
Tinkerbellprincess2's avatar
I love how you drew ginny and her boredom, also Blaise's expression.
DesaraSoleil's avatar
Beautiful work. I love how the sun rays shine in the little compartment.

Amazing work as usual!
Shirabelle's avatar
Fantastic, happy to see a rare scene like that.
You did a good Job :clap:
PeridotHorntail's avatar
I do love the dramatic pose and the other students' expressions. Especially Ginny's!
LizetM's avatar
Oh-my-goodness! I swear, this is almost, if not EXACTLY the way I imagined it when reading the book!

Amazing job! :D
neobug34's avatar
Finally! Some Slughorn fanart! >w<
VivalaVida's avatar
:rofl: very good work! This is a real good Sluggy ! :clap:
VivalaVida's avatar
:rofl: very good work! This is a real good Sluggy ! :clap:
haystax45's avatar
I have no idea why, but Slughorn is now my favorite character (see the fuzzy avatar?). Long live the Slug Club!
Threonine's avatar
Awesome! The only reason I found this picture was to look for information for a trivia thread. o.O I'm glad I did. :)
mathison's avatar
this rendered me quiet its brilliant im amazed its sooo great i can't even spell to explain it....
keep up the great great work
H-Johanna's avatar
It's a very accurate Slughorn Very close to how I see him, except the moustage a little longer. Your blaise is vbery very nice, but the only tweaking bit in this picture is Marcus Belbie, he doesn't have the quality that the other three characters have
gotelf's avatar
Ginny looks like she's having one hell of a time.
lailindieil's avatar
I love it. One thing I noticed, though, is that Ginny's head looks kind of big. Maybe that's just me. I LOVE the detail in the full view with the sunlight. Very well done.
ForgottenPhantom's avatar
Oh. Thats so good. It's very colorful and I really like it!I like how you did Ginny! You're a good artist!
blue-nadir's avatar
Bwahaha PERFECT characterisation for Sluggy! The other's designs and expressions/body language are pretty close to how I imagined them. :)
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