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Snape doing potions

commission for sileri, who was awesome and donated money to me with no intention of getting art- but got art for being so generous. :D

A bit of photoshop but not enough that I called it a 'digital piece'
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arenaall's avatar
So beautiful ~:)
Pufferfish200's avatar
I love the insane amount of detail, it's just so perfect!!!
What a great image--well captured!
ivyclarice's avatar
This is great! I get very irritated with "pretty" Snape and always have...nice to see him looking like a man!
You got such a wonderfull way of drawing!! I love all of u draw!!! And mostly snape's one... !
stuxx's avatar
Wonderfull sexy bastard Snape. I love it! :)
szarlotka89's avatar
germanscott's avatar
This is really Brilliant.
FreezyVonT's avatar
omg I hate that guy but this is awesome.
AmericanAnaconda's avatar
Amazing. :D I love all the details. :+fav:
Mista-Heesh's avatar
@___@ He is so beautiful!!!! :faint: I love your style so so much!! Brilliant work!! :clap:
cherryBl0ss0m's avatar
I love it. Just LOVE it.
... chrmchrm.. i'm a snape-fan... But you draw him so... real <3
carebear459's avatar
iheartmoony7's avatar
freaking bloody awesomeness. Greyscale, background, character, expression, the detail of the costume andn teh potion ingrident labels even teh fire and steam of hte caouldron....lovely lovely lovely.
eh, i'm prejudgmental cause of the subject any way ;)
lotr1000's avatar
mmmmm.... sinister....... ;)
elviella's avatar
Looking at this, I realised I had missed your art a lot. :)
Nice work - I like the details of the equipment and how his hands look. And pretty much everything else. :P
wordsmithsonian's avatar
His nose = so much win!
cinnamon-lady24's avatar
LOVE! Again, how did you manage to sneak into my imagination?! I love the glowering expression and just... the whole tone is perfect. I love this. You really captured Snape here.

Also, the clothes... *drools* I love pretty clothes...
tinytexans's avatar
AiolaPulchera's avatar
so much like in my mind, you're the best
LibraryChild's avatar
oh Snape.... -drool-

love it.
HapticMimesis's avatar
Ah! The vest!! Love. The arches in the background add an amazing, subtle elegance. Well done! :)
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