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Oh, well spotted, Ron

I love that scene in the book. I'm sorry now that I didn't draw the whole scene. Ah well, Hermione looks adorable here.

"Hermione! Neville's right! You *are* a girl."
"Oh, well spotted, Ron." -GOF not an exact quote as I don't have the book with me.
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:D She looks exactly like I pictured her from the books! Sadly, when I got the book, the first movie was already out, and I had to try and ban that Hermione from my head. This is great! If I got to choose, you would totally illustrate the books!

"Oh, well spotted" -- Yup, that's probably my favorite quote from Hermione! :D
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Now THIS is more how I pictured Hermione to look! Really love the hair and the way you did the facial expression. The shading is quite nice as well. Great job :D
RoonilWazlibRocks's avatar
Love the hair and the socks!
Sooo cute! Well done
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"Oh, well spotted!"
We all LOVE that quote, don't we?
I use it frequently. And my mother tongue isn't even english. Strange looks galore! :)
The way you pinned down her character is wonderful. And the expression is a perfect fit!
Thanks! :)
hah! do you really say that? that's awesome!
And may I point out that your enlish is just flawless.
Wish I could speak, oh, any language besides english. Took latin, so now if Caesar is ever in town, you'll know who to call. (Probably not me, as I wasn't very good at it. ;) )
NinnyTreetops's avatar
gah, latin!
had it for..hold on, gotta count.....8(!) bloody years at school!
Well, at least I could translate the banner underneath the Hogwarts coat of armour (and even got a laugh out of it.)
From then on, I always said that to my teacher when he tried to deprive me of my doodle-papers in class. Amazingly, he tought it was funny and let me carry on. That's some everyday-use of latin for you! :boogie:

My english? Flawless? :blush:
Why thank you!
You should hear me exercising my poor dutch *ahem* "skills" :rofl:
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LOL i love this scene! You did the position and expression exactly! Great Job!
kiwikewte's avatar
Aww, she looks hurt -- but you got the hint of acid on her face just perfectly. I remember that line well too, she said it 'acidly'. You got it down pat. I can just hear her going, "HRMMPH!"
xMessr-Prongsx's avatar
Poor Hermione, she always has to state the bleeding obvious to Ron, who, let's face it, doesn't seem to get anything unless it comes and slaps him in the face-but that's part of the reason why his character is so adorable i guess. Once again, love the hair, it's so true to her-cos you don't see it that way in the movies! Go the original Hermione hair!!

Poor Hermione indeed. Hopefully he'll become a bit less obblivious in the next books (I thin khe was a bit less thick in book 5..a bit.)
The movie hair on hermione (and her pink power ranger self too) bother be beyond all reason. argh. make me want to spit up.

You GO Canon!Hermione! You go, girl!
NinnyTreetops's avatar
"her pink power ranger self" :rofl:

That's THE way to describe that strange transformation!
I don't believe I am the first to say it, though I can't tell you where I heard it.
Yup. You go, canon Hermione, you have enough 'girl power' for me!
Noe-Izumi's avatar
That qoute is a lively legend to the fans!!! :XD: :rofl:
Great Hermione! I would love to see the books ilustrated like this :giggle:
who knows, maybe some day I'll be asked to illustrate books for real! :) sigh
that'd be a dream job for me...
thank you for all the nice comments!
Thanks for adding it your faves! :)
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