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Luna Lovegood

I love Luna, and imagine her having an even more quirky style when she's out of her uniform. She's wear galloshes and lots of eighties jewelry.
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FrozenFeather's avatar
it's a perfect luna
Fantastic! Did you use Evanna Lynch as a reference? This reminds me quite a bit of her Luna. <3
Nope, this was before Evanna was cast. I drew this before the fourth film came out.
Zoey98's avatar
That is ridiculously awesome. Love the rainboots. <3
mangagrrl15's avatar
She looks amazing! Her clothes are awesome :love:
zinatwakil's avatar
This is the best Luna I've ever seen. That's the way I imagine her.

Amazing, awesome work!!! :+fav: :heart:
FickleIris's avatar
Oh my god i love Luna!!! Bangarang Job!!!
Greti30's avatar
Luna is one of that character with we can show so much emotion. To DO it very difficult... but YOU DID IT!!!!
BB-Gustaw's avatar
Luna's gorgeous! That's the way I see her! Totally :D
AnnieCooper's avatar
she looks so cute!! and i love the outfit; very luna~
s2-Shiobhan's avatar
I could definitely imagine Luna in this outfit!

A lovely depiction.


The-Dark-Silhouette's avatar
Ah, this is wonderful! :D She's perfect.
wrednaxx's avatar
sleepindarkness's avatar
Oh my GOD I love Luna here. XD <3 Faved!
basilla's avatar
luna is the best;)
Paperdaisies's avatar
Aaaw she's so much cooler than my Luna! (Yes I have a Luna drawing, and yes, I am pitifully grovelling for some people to come and look. I thrive on comments!!) Luna is my favourite HP character! So she's the only character who I would draw I reckon. Unless I mock Harry in a picture. Heheh.

But I really like your interpretation of Luna, she's so cute! And individual!

j9y's avatar
She looks SO cool! Gotta love eighties jewlery! Luna and Remus are two of my faves characters and this is most definately my fave Luna pic!
LittleGirlOFThornZ's avatar
I LOVE Luna. She is heading to my favs. :+favlove:

But, who is she??? REALLy. :)
Juulia's avatar
I just love this pic. I love your style.
Zebraskin's avatar
Your a grand drawer....I love your harry potter art especially. Your brilliant.
Arimalka's avatar
Brilliant, it's exactly how I picture her.
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