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Just ignore him Harry

Done for a contest at Hogwart's Elite. The prompt was "schadenfreuda" which means to get pleasure from someone else's pain. Who better than Draco? I actually placed first with it. Go fig. :shrug:

I gave in to the 'Pansy has a black bob' because it seems no one recognixes her otherwise, and hey, I like this trend, so bleh. I'm a sheeeeep. Messing about with the style. Oh! AND I FINALLY DECIDED ON A MALFOY DESIGN! Woot! :D

eta: ~theheartfrost knows German better than I. Thankees!
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iluvmusicsomuch's avatar
Harry might kill someone. Don't blame him much though. Draco, sigh. Too many kids like him.
i LOVEE harrys eyes in this pic! amazing!!!
annieangel1094's avatar
Did anyone ever realize that,"Just Ignore them." was Hermiones' ONLY advice for Harry when he was being teased?I think it just made him angrier.
Parkerjademerce's avatar
harry looks utterly pissed
Alneyh's avatar
*dies laughing* Harry cracked me up!
Seeker-Mar's avatar
You really captured the trio's personalities. Ron is mad and just wants to go after them. Harry is so annoyed but also above it and Hermione is just keeping everyone nice and calm. That is until he really makes her mad...SLAP! ;-)

Good job getting Hermione's hair right!
RavenScarlett's avatar
Hermione's hair is just incredible in this; you've styled it so wonderfully!
Ralindir's avatar
*glomps Malfoy*

Hee, blondie...


ckrox5's avatar
Love it!

Draco makes me laugh with his sneering mokery.

And Harry's expression is priceless!
LizetM's avatar
I like this. It depicts the way the characters are with each other in the books.

Great job!
GinnyLovesHarry's avatar
wow thats really good what did you colo that with.
spygirl4000's avatar
Harry's expression is so... I don't even know the word to describe it. but I love it!
bardling's avatar
Everyone looks fantastic here! I particularly love the expressions and Hermione's hair. Well done!
Noe-Izumi's avatar
You cannot imagine how much I hate Pansy because of her face! Is SOOO... ARG! :D

Great work of expressions and colouring! :clap:
aneesah's avatar
Yeah, I like Hermy's nose for some reason. :D Wish there was more of a background, though. ;P
Hah! You know me- if there is a background, somewhere in the world a person died of shock.
theheartfrost's avatar
Schadenfreude. I love your Hermione in this pic.
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