James the 1st - in mahkahs

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You know what's cool?

I found I have the maAaAaAaAaAagical ability to draw James so that he looks like Harry enough that people go 'oh! Harry you like him!' but not so much that Harry's like a carbon copy of him, and same with Albus Severus! :D
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wow. this's how I exactly imagined him *_*
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yeah you're super-talented!! i knew this was james straightaway, yet if you'd told me it was an older harry i would have said 'oh, ok, my bad' and not questioned it coz it looks so much like harry.. but just that little bit different. awesome!
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I knew that it was James without reading the title! Love this one--that sly smile! :iconbigheartplz:
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Ooooh, that look! I wuv it!!! And he looks a bit like my James, actually xD
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Yuppers! I love the fact that amazing artists (like you) can draw james so that he doesnt resemble harry so much, like some artists do.
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Cool! I like his grin; maybe he's off to manage some mischief!
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Like this too. James teh 1st looks kinda arrogant here, which fits him. =D
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Love it! his hair is totally awesome! and i have a strange infuation with his mouth *loves*
This rlly kicks arse!!
awesome job!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Really awesome work!


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cool. :)

yeah! i so see the resemblance, but they're not carbon copies! :)
this is how i imagined James- just because Al is supposed to look a lot like Harry, doesn't mean James doesn't somewhat look like him, right? :D
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oh wait. this is James (I) ...
oops. haha
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loll yeh it is :XD: but it's Harry's father :XD: not his son :XD: lawlll those damned same names :XD:
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i knoowww. haha =P

but i think it applies to all the potter boys either way (james I and James II)

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Lawl true true :XD: hehe :XD:
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