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Harry and Sirius' head

“His face breaking into the first smile he had worn for days, [Harry] scrambled out if his chair, crouched down by the hearth and said, “Sirius- how’re you doing?”
Sirius looked different from Harry’s memory of him. When they had said good-bye, Sirius’s face was fuller, and he looked younger, much more like the only photograph Harry had of him, which had been taken at the potters’ wedding.” (Goblet of Fire pg. 331 us version)

I did this a long time ago. To give you an idea of how long ago, I drew it on a cold night after seeing ‘The Recruit,’ a perfectly wretched film. Not one of my favourites, but I really like Harry’s face.
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That's so F***ing Boss! :clap:
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Very nice piece of art. I really love everything about Harry - his hair is wonderful, his smile, his eyes. You captured alot of emotion in the facial expressions and it brings your picture alive. Your lines and shading are great - I can feel the heat from the flames and love the carpet in front of the hearth Harry is kneeling on.

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Harry / Draco = Phoenix / Dragon
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Awwww Sirius. Very nice picture.