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Dumbledore worrying

Dumbledore bugs me sometimes how benign he pretends to be about serious stuff, but I like to think that he's more human than he lets on, and here's him worrying, and not really reading, though he's intending to. Yeah, his hand is in a weird position- and for once that was on purpose. When i get worried, I tend to twist myself into rather uncomfortable positions.

medium- pencil- scanned blueish for some reason
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Pufferfish200's avatar
I wonder if he is thinking of his sister...
saidiemai's avatar
This is lovely. I think he does worry, a lot - but not when others are around.
TomScribble's avatar
he certainly has a lot on his mind! It's a lovely drawing.
Gabzies's avatar
Wow, he reminds me of King Solomon in this picture. The sketchiness is lovely, like a memory.
Zeldarocks's avatar
that is amazing
ogeima's avatar
I like this side of Dumbledore. "You see, he's just a man..." And, as usual, the drawing is awesome! Keep it up!
kiwikewte's avatar
I like to think Dumbledore has (ooh... had) a more human side to him. He had to worry about things too. I really wonder how everyone's going to do without a leader, if someone will take charge?

Anyways, a really great drawing. His expression is great, and I like his mane of hair.
astralsymphony's avatar
oh my godddd.
this is absolutely perfect.
the emotion in this is gorgeous.
youdripwithhate's avatar
gosh... he looks so tired and worn out... i've always had trouble trying to imagine Dumbledore looking so old and worried because in my mind he's like this enigmatic source of endless energy (150 or not!) and... wow, you've just captured it perfectly. love it.
Yox82's avatar
Awesome as usual
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