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Charlie and a dragon

See! I listen to polls! I do! First the Remus one (which I haven't finished coloring) and now good ol' charlie here. I tried my best not to make him to pointy and stretchy- I tend to do that to people (Expecially if they are tall thin young men- they end up looking emaciated when I draw them. Bah.)

So, enjoy the man candy known as Charlie, I'm so freackled I'm tan, Weasley.
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Swoon. SWOON, I say. I love Charlie.
MissDizzy73's avatar
*drooling* I want him 0.0 and his dragon
mmmmmmmm.... *drools* im in NO way homophobic, but it annoys me when people make charlie gay just coz he didnt get married. he cant be gay... hes just too HOT... im sure he didnt get married coz hes a heartless playah or something, so its fine XD
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I love this picture, but Charlie reminds me A LOT of Cid Highwind in this one
Who is Cid Highwind?
Raphael-TMNT's avatar
He's from Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. They way you drew him, reminds me a lot of Animama's art. Look at this :-) [link]

Also, here's some info, if you'd like :-)

one sexy Weasley :)
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Oh, godness he is hOOOT
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great drawing i love charlie he's my favorite and you really did him justice :D
EggshellInk's avatar
Favorite representation of him. Ever.
LaxDrake's avatar
i love this pict!

i find it amusing that your Charlie looks alot like Cid From FF7 ... :XD:
bumfacers's avatar
Eeep, perfect! just as I imagine him! :D
Glowyrm13's avatar
"man candy" is the perfect term. youch.
HPFanfictionFan's avatar
LOVELY Charlie pic! :love:
yay!! FINALLY a hot charlie, i've yet to find many good ones! you know charlie had to have been amazing at hogwarts...quidditch capitan, head know...:D great job!
OfficiallyAbi's avatar
:heart:CHARLIE!!!:heart: :faint:

I am so in love!! :love:

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Oh my. Charlie is amazing. He is so cool. We all need Charlie's as older brothers...Lucky Ginny. =D Great work once again.
Pheo152's avatar
Yay for a decidedly hawt Charlie!
frytka's avatar
oh, wow.... sexy Charlie....
Vennalenda's avatar
yippyyyyyyyyyy!!! more charlie sexiness!!! wo0t! *licks*
Vennalenda's avatar
yippyyyyyyyyyy!!! more charlie sexiness!!! wo0t! *licks*
vbabe1's avatar
Woo!! Charlie you are such a babE! :whitsle: XD Thank you for all dis hottness!
Digidrama's avatar
very nice :-)
sad about the skin cancer- i'm probably the palest girl in my school :P
and i pride myself in it haha
I'm rather pale, currently. Verging on vampire. And my dad's from Mexico! Of course, it's my own fault for never going outdoors unless it's overcast, or I'm drawing.
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