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Longhorn Inspiriat for Firefox

I made this skin based on Longhorn Inspiriat2 VisualStyles by StefanKa with his permission.
Thanks a million StefanKa for your great VisualStyles and Y'z toolbar theme!

StefanKa - [link]

If you use Tabbrowser Extensions, I will recommend lh inspiriat safari1-4.
You can download them from my website.

Oct 14
Fixed some codes for firefox 1.0PR.

Sep 11
Fixed some bugs in case TBE is used.

Sep 10
Fixed small icons of "downloads" and "new window" buttons.

Sep 10
I made it works properly without the extra files.
To install, only drag and drop .jar file into Themes window. ;)

safari tab version
Longhorn_Inspiriat2_safari5.jar for color scheme 1
Longhorn_Inspiriat2_safari6.jar for color scheme 2 and 3

native tab version (skinned only buttons)
Longhorn_Inspiriat2_safari7.jar for color scheme 1
Longhorn_Inspiriat2_safari8.jar for color scheme 2 and 3

Safari bookmarks button version and other Safari-like themes are my website. [link] :)
© 2004 - 2021 hills-roppongi
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When i click the download button it says:
"Longhorn Inspirat 2 SAFARI."
any help. does this actually work.
Make it for latest firefoz plz
dont understand how to activate ?? help, pls <3
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Shame this doesnt work any more. I got Longhorn theme.
dafmat71's avatar
ther is 4 .jar files, which one must i put in theme?
ArtOfShade's avatar
i'm sorry but where is this theme window?
How install this theme?
marcaoandre's avatar
release a version to firefox 2.0
this theme is fantastic!

spideyman007's avatar
ok stupid question, how do you apply it?
Thor-me's avatar
How do you install this?
Thor-me's avatar
How do you install this xD
mb-neo's avatar
Hi, i have modded these Skin for FireFox 2.0!

Visit my Space on DeviantArt... [link]

Enjoy it!
RoxRio's avatar
hiii, excellent work.

i added it in my website, with the credits and redirect the views and download to here, of course. unfortunately it's only available in portuguese language: [link]
uzee85's avatar
james2's avatar
Bah, doesn't work for v_v

That's a pity, because it looks like a kick arse theme
shairani's avatar
can u update this for version 2.0 pleeeeeeeez !
Neur0tic0's avatar
Links for firefox 1.5, are all dead, and obviusly, doesnt work for firefox 2.0.
breakerr's avatar
__It doesnt work in Firefox :sniff:
zorc's avatar
requires login and pw??
sTony-Rue's avatar
the theme isn't working with firefox

it says that it only works with firefox 0.9 to 1.2

so what can i do? or where can i get an updated version of the theme?
@ ~Precapice : Don't get me wrong, you are making a nice looking theme.
But I am using Y'zToolbar, it skins Windows Explorer in such a way it looks almost exactly like Longhorn Inspiriat for Firefox by ~hills-roppongi. That is why I would like to have his theme for Firefox 1.5. Then my Windows will have same style as Firefox!

I have been modifying the standard Firefox 1.5 skin with the imagefiles from this Longhorn skin... unfortunately all my attempts failed: the skin was corrupted. I have spend almost 4 hours on this.
If you could explain to me how to update his skin or how to mod the original skin with the same buttons as this Longhorn skin... I would appreciate it a lot and I think a lot of others would as well.
IanWoods's avatar
? what do I have to do with this ?
What fonts are you using on these? Are they available on XP?
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