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Brushed 3.5 Visual Style

This is a port of Brushed 3.5 theme for Mac OS X by Max Rudberg.

The original Mac OS X theme made by Max Rudberg.
Max Themes - [link]
Copyright 2004 Max Rudberg
Ported to WindowsXP msstyle with the original author Max Rudberg's permission by hills.

includes 10 color schemes.
Black(caption button) Brushed(push button) Black(menu) ,Black Brushed Gray, Blue Aqua Black, Blue Aqua Gray, Standard Aqua Black, Standard Aqua Gray, Blue Plastic Black, Blue Plastic Gray, Standard Plastic Black, Standard Plastic Gray

Oct 24
Fixed check box and radio button font to Arial 7.
Fixed font size on Tahoma version.
And sorry...some color schemes of graphite version had broken.

Aug 3
Get rid of the border in explorer window.
Changed the Largefonts setup to AquaBase (only tab font) from Arial.

Jun 11
Fixed the scroll bar.
Fixed the small buttons like in the Photoshop again.
Added Arial and Tahoma font versions.
Added graphite version.

Mar 9
Fixed Photoshop buttons and Tab background.
Added 1pixel border version.

enjoy :)
© 2004 - 2021 hills-roppongi
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HI, I got a problem when a click logoff or shutdown the next menu looks blue like windows xp , its no metal brushed, iam doing something wrong?, thanks!! excelent job!!
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Hey, this is really awesome, but I have one question: Is it normal that the ball on bars is a little bit cut? Look: [link]
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This is great,thanks.
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Best theme what i have ever seen :) I've been using this too few years :)
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My all time best theme,using this for very long,great job bro!
Hi, very good gallery ;)
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A job very very cool ;)

Thanks !!!!
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this is great! thanks for beautify my desktop ;)
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Fantastic, WOW..... it is gReAt, Thanks. (PL) Super theme jeszcze sie podniecam :)
thanks!very .....NICE!
how to cerate it ?
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cool man. keep your working
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Hey man What Visual Style Theme Previewer are you using there??
this skin is awesome. It's not perfect, but it's awesome!
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Featured at Desktopmod Blog
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this is the best!! im very like it. :love:
nice.... real nice..... I love it
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Impressionnant !!!!
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I love your VS !

See here : [link]
I am using Test Track Pro and as soon as I switch to this theme the program does not work any longer.
Seaphine says its not their problem and that they are not supporting this issue. Therefore my question is, if you know a workaround to make this cool theme work with TTP.

Here is a link to show you how the tool looks like:

I hope you can see what the problem is and know a workaround.

Best wishes
It is exciting! Amazing! Brilliant! Fantastic! hills-roppongi, Thanks you! Very, very big thanks!
Great! i love this vs
but where i can find your shell icons and that notepad. if anyone know pls tell me :D

thanks ~
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I love it...u know :) thanks for your hard work....
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