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Holy Roman Empire



The coat of arms of various states within and bordering the Holy Roman Empire in 1648.

Before I get any comments on it, yes I realize that many of the states lack coats of arms. Some I couldn't find and others were of poor quality.

Anyway, here is the Holy Roman Empire in the year 1648, after the peace of Westphalia which ended the 30 years war. The 30 Years War was like the WW2 of the 17th century. Basically it was an enormous religious war between Catholic Spain, Belgium, Austria and southern Germany against Protestant Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and northern Germany. Towards the end Catholic France entered on the Protestant side and brought the war to a close. By the end some German states had lost half their population due to starvation. Nevertheless, the peace of Westphalia secured the right of Princes within the empire to choose the religion of their states without fear of repercussions from the Emperor.

All coat of arms and map courtesy of Wikipedia.

Coat of Arms Series
France [link]
Spain [link]
Italy [link]
Holy Roman Empire

2/19/12 EDIT:
map base source [link]
map base created by Roke [link]
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Ottoman and France have a good time attacking Holy Roman Empire together.