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Hapsburg Europe 1550 by Hillfighter Hapsburg Europe 1550 by Hillfighter
As historian Henry Kamen wrote in Empire: How Spain became a world power 1492 – 1763 ,“Charles’s title as emperor made Spain a partner in his universal destiny. He now united in himself a greater number of realms than had ever before been accumulated by any European ruler: the entire Burgundian inheritance, centered on the Netherlands; the immense hereditary Habsburg lands, including Austria within the Empire and Hungary outside of it; the whole of peninsular Spain as well as the Italian territories of Naples and Sicily; and the continent of America. His duties took him everywhere: at his abdication in Brussels in 1555 he recalled that he had made expeditions by land and sea to every state in western Europe as well as to Africa; and that he had made eleven voyages by sea. He spent one out of every four days of his reign traveling: ‘my life’, he later said, ‘has been one long journey’.”

Kamen’s thesis is different than that of other historians writing about the Spanish Empire. He writes, “My narrative is directed toward the untold story, viewing Spaniards not as the unique ‘movers and shakers’ who ‘fashion an empire’s glory’ (in the words of the poet), but as joint participants in an extensive enterprise that was made possible only by the collaboration of many people from many nations. The creators of empire, as presented here, were not only the conquerors from Spain. They were also the sameself conquered populations, the immigrants, the women, the deportees, the rejected. Nor were they only the Spaniards: they were also the Italians, the Belgians, the Germans and the Chinese. Many Spaniards preferred and still prefer to consider the empire as a unique achievement of their own; these pages offer material towards an alternate view.”

Below is a series of condensed timelines of major events during the time period of 1492 to 1550

Emperor Charles V
1500 born, raised in the Netherlands
1506 crowned Duke of Burgundy, Lord of the Netherlands
1516 proclaimed ruler of Spain following the death of his paternal grandfather Ferdinand of Aragon
1519 elected Holy Roman Emperor following the death of his maternal grandfather Maximilian I of Austria
1520 Crowned Holy Roman Emperor at Aachen
1530 Crowned King of the Romans, King of Italy at Bologna

Spanish exploration/expansion
1493 second voyage of Columbus
1498 third voyage of Columbus
1502 fourth voyage of Columbus
1513 Vasco Nunez de Balboa crosses isthmus of Panama
1519 Hernán Cortés lands in Mexico, Magellan sets sail west for spice islands
1520 La Noche Trieste, Cortés flees the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan
1521 Cortés takes Tenochtitlan and conquers the Aztec Empire
1522 Circumnavigation completed by del Cano
1532 Battle of Cajamarca, Francisco Pizarro captures Inca Emperor Atahualpa
1535 Viceroyalty of New Spain (Mexico) established
1542 Viceroyalty of Peru established
1545 silver discovered at Potosí, Peru

Portuguese exploration/expansion
1494 Treaty of Tordesillas
1498 Vasco de Gama reaches Calicut, India
1500 Pedro Alvares Cabral reaches Brazil
1501 Goncalo Coelho and Amerigo Vespucci explore the coast of Brazil
1505 Estado de India established
1507 Martin Waldseemüller writes ‘America’ on a map of the New World
1508 Battle of Chaul (Mamluke victory)
1509 Battle of Diu (Portuguese victory)
1509 to 1515 Alfonso de Albuquerque appointed Viceroy of the East
1510 capture of Goa
1511 capture of Malacca
1512 Spice islands of Ambon and Ternate reached, Makassar conquered
1513 China reached
1515 capture of Hormuz
1517 Formal initiation of trade with China at Guangzhaou
1521 capture of Bahrain
1529 Treaty of Zaragoza
1542 Francis Xavier preaches in Goa
1543 Portuguese reach Japan

Ottoman expansion
Selim I reign (1516 to 1520)
1514 Battle of Chaldiran, Persians defeated
1516 Battle of Marj Dabiq, Mamlukes defeated, invasion of Syria and Palestine
1517 Mecca accepts Selim as Caliph
1519 Mamluke Egypt conquered
Suleiman (the Magnificent) reign (1520 to 1566)
1526 Battle of Mohács, Hungary defeated
1529 Siege of Vienna
1535 Spanish besiege the fortress of La Goletta in Tunis

The Reformation
1517 Luther nails his 95 theses to the door of Castle Church in Wittenburg, Saxony
1520 Martin Luther excommunicated by Pope Leo X
1521 Diet of Worms, Luther swears before Emperor Charles V that he will not recant his beliefs
1524 Peasants’ War in Germany
1529 to 1535 Henry VIII breaks England from the Catholic Church
1546 to 1547 Schmalkaldic War, Catholic victory

The Renaissance
1503 to 1505 Leonardo da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa
1508 to 1512 Michelangelo paints the Sistine chapel
1511 Raphael paints the School of Athens
1513 Machiavelli writes the Prince
1537 to 1541 Michelangelo paints the Last Judgment
1543 Andreas Vesalius (Netherlander) publishes De humani corporis fabrica (On the fabric of the human body)
1548 Titian paints the equestrian portrait of Charles V

The Italian Wars
1494 Charles VIII (France) invades Italy
1503 Battle of Garigliano, Gonzalo Fernández de Córdoba (Spain) “the Great Captain” defeats the French, Naples acquired by Ferdinand of Aragon
1515 Francis I (France) defeats Swiss at Marignano
1525 Battle of Pavia, Francis I captured
1526 League of Cognac (Anti-Spanish Alliance)
1527 Sack of Rome by Spanish troops
1529 Peace of Cambrai
1535 Milan acquired by Charles V

-----Europe Series-----
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since this and [link] are basically the same, I'm moving the other one to scraps

2/19/12 EDIT:
map base source [link]
map base created by Alex:D [link]
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