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I've been looking for the original artist for this everywhere and I'm so glad I found you and all your other amazing designs and artwork!! are you selling any of your designs on shirts or anything?

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Hi! Yes, I'm the creator and owner of "Street Cats" :) Links to shirts/products in the item descriptions above^

nvm it's in the description lol anyways I'm glad I found you before buying somewhere else. so sorry about all the people stealing this design

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hey, your design was stolen and reposted on tumblr here!

i wouldve reported it but tumblr only takes action if the copyright holder files the report themselves. sorry about all the theft youve been putting up with lately, someone in the comments of the post even said that their friend has these shirts in their shop...and i assume they weren't talking about you.

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I feel so scammed. I thought I was supporting the original artist when  I saw it on IG (for $31) but a few days later I found it on Amazon for literally half the price. I need to do better research into where I get my shirts :cry:
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Hi, not the customer’s fault, people shouldn’t be stealing my low-res preview images online and slapping them on products...I don’t sell on Amazon - all versions of it there are stolen/unauthorized.
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Thank you for telling me. I figured as much, though by now.
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Yes, that's stolen/it's a scam, the matter is being worked on. Thank you for looking out for me.
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Was about to say this would make a dope shirt design but than I looked at the description lol 

dunno if I’d consider a raccoon a cat... They look cute, but where I live they kill actual cats :( 
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What about my rat and pidgeon fellas? Do they count as street cats too?
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omg i want this
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My family went camping once my mom one late night was zoning out on her phone (she was the only one up) was just chilling and this raccoon came to up to her (he had eaten our mashmallows the night before) my mom reached her hand down to pet it (we have 4 cats so she thought it was one of our cats lol) she was JUST about to touch it then in her head something clicked these were her exact realizing words in her head "You're not at home idiot and that's not your fat cat!!!" she leaped up and screamed a little and the raccon finally noticed her too and ran off spooked. (my mom also had thrown out the marshmallows the morning after finding the torn open bag on the table so we did't eat any that day) 
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Who pets a raccoon by accident.

Was she drunk?
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nope just REALLY tired (she didnt pet it she was just about to pet it before snapping back to reality)
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You know.....
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I most certainly will!
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My dad ounce mistook a possum for a rat and try to kill it. Anyway nice piece.
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