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Hoisted By His Own Picard

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Photoshop, 2013.

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(These are the kind of jokes that come up in a random conversation with one's brother)
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This is phantastic!!
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Data walks in, addresses Picard: Sir, what are you and the Commander doing?
Picard: We're...dancing, Data.
Data: Dancing, sir? Intriguing.
Riker: Yes, Data, dancing. Now return to your post and lock the door on your way out, please. And don't walk into the holodeck without the current user's permission.
Data: Yes, sir.
Riker smiles at Picard as Data leaves.
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Perfect, perfect!
wildabeast73's avatar
Thoughts on Enterprise?
outlaw393's avatar
Didn't like Enterprise. It had a few good episodes though. :)
Aware-Of-The-Vacuity's avatar
What if you got "Blades of Glory" at Enterprise? :) This pic. Great job, very humorous.
NMatychuk's avatar
Hah! Great stuff!
TheMusicEffect's avatar
If only this was a poster... IF ONLY *hint* *hint*
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Shirt.woot would be the ones who could make that happen, let them know! :)
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This is........FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am laughing and love it!
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An emphatic YES to everything about this :)
where can I get this t-shirt?
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It's not available yet...I'm trying to get it on a daily shirt site. I'll update if/when that happens :)
Still nothing huh? I can't imagine why this piece wouldn't instantly be chosen as a shirt print!
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Right!? ;) It was up for vote @ Threadless - Not too bad a score, but you never know...

(I'll put it on my RedBubble if all other places fail)
the-seamonkey's avatar so beautiful.
vmulligan's avatar
The pun! It hurts!

(Nice work! :D )
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