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Active dolling communities?

Fri Apr 12, 2013, 1:44 PM
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Hey there fellow dollers! :heart:

I'm going to rise back from dead and start dolling again :) Man, my last piece was made one year ago... sigh...
Anyway, are there some actice dolling communities? Some forums, sites, groups, anything. I was totally off the whole dolling world, and I miss all this and want to come back to being active.

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Vayliya Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013  Professional General Artist
I'm glad to see you're back! I've loved your work for a long time and I'm looking forward to all your new things
hildegarna Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
yay! Thank you for kind comment, i'm really happy to see new things from you and other dollers too :D
Vayliya Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
As soon as school lets out I hope to have a lot more things finished. My courseload has just been kicking my ass right now.
zapatones Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2013
Glad to see you back! I know of some places, the ones I visit the most:

GLAM: [link]
Pixel Empire: [link] It's a cute little forum with lots of fun activities. It's a bit dead right now, but I'm sure it will get better.
The Limelight Cafe: [link] I love this one. I found out about it last summer and they've had all these fun challenges and activities (base/style/fashion races, blind collabs, etc) It really needs more members :D

It also has a DA group :iconthelimelightcafe:
hildegarna Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013
oooh, thank you! :heart: I'm sure to lurk there for sure :)
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