A list of the crossover shippings that I support!

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Here is a list of Pokemon X Sonic shippings that I came up with recently:

NuvemaHillShipping (Hilda & Sonic the Hedgehog.)
ChaosEmeraldShipping (Mei & Sonic the Hedgehog.)
DarkHallMatronShipping (Argenta & Shadow the Hedgehog.)
DeviousProfessorShipping (Aurea Juniper & Dr. Eggman.)
GothicChaosControlShipping (Marley & Shadow the Hedgehog.)
TrueBlueShipping (Clair & Sonic the Hedgehog.)
TwoTailedBlondeShipping (Bianca (BW) & Miles "Tails" Prower.)
SinnohAngelShipping (Maylene & Knuckles the Echidna.)
TropicalResortShipping (Ruri & Sonic the Hedgehog).
AltitudeLimitShipping (Clerk Trisha & Sonic the Hedgehog).
WestsideIslandShipping (Lass Maya & Miles "Tails" Prower).
CasinoNightShipping (Ruri & Miles "Tails" Prower).
CarnivalNightShipping (Ruri & Knuckles the Echidna).
DarknessAttractsShipping (Skyla & Shadow the Hedgehog).
ElectricNinjaShipping (Elesa & Espio the Chameleon).
IsolatedIslandShipping (Roxie & Vector the Crocodile).
UnovaNocturneShipping (Cheren and Shade the Echidna).
NocturnusPlasmaShipping (Colress and Shade the Echidna).

Every one of these shippings except the one with Juniper and Eggman are special friendships. Crossover shippings like mine need some love, too =D!
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