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I wanted to call this The Ballerina Jig, but she's not... dancing... a jig. It just happens to be the song I am listening to and it is so cute. I'll do an Irish dancer later to get that out. I need to do more Irish dancers, anyway, because I'm one of them. Or I was before I went to college and stopped taking lessons two years ago.


This is Claire again. I'm getting back to my old standards! Except that I'm not. I'm just going to draw more Claire. I miss that pretty little girl. I've drawn her grandmother and great grandmother loads lately.

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steal this in any form and you know what'll happen and it won't be good.
credit goes a long way.

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wonderfully composed!.......the weight against the right side... creates a very strong feeling of movement and sudden stop...great!
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I love how you draw ballerina feet!
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great ballerina. hope you do draw some irish dancers; i'm one/was one too.
x-pink-tutu-x's avatar
Beautiful as usual! I just love the way you draw their feet and pointe shoes... X
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can i just say woah! amazing! i love it all. you even got the "ballerina hand position" down.
WerterSkelterNOW's avatar
gorgeous anatomy....
ur ballet poses are definittely my fav. where do you get your references?
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You know something, I so envy you drawing skills to draw Ballet dancers.
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Did you use to do ballet as well? Or do you just look at ballerinas for anatomy?
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I've taken ballet off and on, but I'd never consider myself a ballet dancer, no. I had a lot of friends who were, which was what got me interested in the form. I look at lots and lots of ballerinas all the time. Every day. DVDs, books, eeeeeeeverything I can get my grubby little hands on.
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Haha, nice. I was just wondering, because you always get the anatomy so incredible accurate!
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the colors are really amazing...:heart:

and i can't stop looking at that foot
it's so PERFECT!!! =D
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Thank you! And she thanks you, too. And me. Because I'm kind to her posture and extension and turn out.
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I love your artwork. I look forward to viewing your new work everyday or week. :)
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Oh, thank you, that means a lot!
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Great coloring on the satin ballet slipper :) Great anatomy as always!
hilarity's avatar
Thank you! I'm rather partial to that slipper, as well. I have no idea how it worked so well.
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aw, hi claire, we missed you :heart:
what a lovely turnout she has :D
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She missed you too, she did.

AND DOESN'T SHE. Damn. I envy her. Fudge you, Claire.
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fudge you to hell D:
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those hands are awesome as fuck.
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Thank you merrily! Hands always fry my brain.
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I don't think i coud draw a half-decent hand if somebody offered me a million dollars to do so.
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