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DmmD Aoba - Headphones Tutorial

So i have been asked many times to make a tutorial for this headphone, so~ here it is.
It's a bit crappy, cause i haven't made many wip photos during the making so... I apologies for this. :C

Still, i hope i could help for some of you. :D
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5 mm
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Aug 25, 2012, 2:54:11 PM
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Thanks! This really helped me out! 
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I am cosplaying Aoba so thank goodness i found this!

I just do it for fun, no events but the headphones are a must the same goes for the wig/makeup!
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Did you use any primer before you painted the whole thing pink? Does the paint scratch/chip off at all?
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Ive been wondering what kind of head phones to use for this but I found out you can use Skullcandy Hesh headphones. They are a good look alike to Aoba's headphones. Also great headphones by they way ^.^
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I think a lot of kind of headphones will be good for this :D I used a cheap one.
And thank you! \o/
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This may seem kinda random, but do you know what brand the base headphones are...? I've been looking for headphones, but I can't seem to find the right ones... 
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I think its called Mix-Style Headphones, the cheapest one I've found so far is on AliExpress for about $4:…

and another for $10:…
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Thank you! That helped a lot!
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Can you actually listen to  music with it? if i got this for Christmas i would like die..
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Yes, you can :D It's a working headphone. I just changed the appearence of it. :D
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*gone* MOMMMM!!! IK WHAT I WANT!!! II WANNNNNTT ITT Ultra dicko!!! (ultra media!!!) Ultra dicko!!! (ultra media!!!) Ultra dicko!!! (ultra media!!!) 
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Sorry that I ask, but what did you use the black acryl paint for? o:
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The black craft foam was a bit plain looking so i painted it with black to make the color more intensive :D
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Ah, thanks for answering!
This tutorial is so great, it helps so much!
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I love you for this reference. I couldn't think of acryl paint for some reason and almost had to beg  my dad for help with spraypainting, so this was a lifesaver. <33 Thank you.
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Your welcome :D I'm glad it helped you out ^^
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I really like how you did these but what headphones did you use as your base?
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You can see the base i've used on theleft side. :D (the one with a black star) I've ordered it from ebay. (the cheapest one you can find is ok :) )
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Thanks I was just having problems finding cheap wireless ones ^^;
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Oh boy, I've been looking for something like this *7* I'm cosplaying Aoba soon and have no idea where to start on his headphones - thanks~
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Your welcome :D I hope it will be useful :D
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Do you also sell them? =D
The ones in ebay are so expensive!
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