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h+w: collide by hikethekilt
Mature content
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Mature content
Shwatsonlock meme NSFWLOL :iconhikethekilt:hikethekilt 72 79
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Gallery includes mostly fanart of Sherlock Holmes, Life on Mars, The Mighty Boosh, Death Note, Saiyuki, Doctor Who, and some original stuff.

Random Favourites

“Look. See, see that right there?”
“Hmm, wha’?”
“Up. Up there, to the…left. S’Us—Urs—the bear. Big one.”
“Ursa Major.”
“S’what I said. Oi!” Crowley lurched into an upright position, jabbing a finger at the star-sprinkled sky. “Saw one!” he exclaimed. “Shooting star. First one of the night.”
With some difficulty, Aziraphale sat up as well and passed the bottle to Crowley. They watched in silence as another star shot across the sky. There was the sloshing sound of liquid inside a bottle, and Crowley said, “I win. Saw the first one.”
Aziraphale lay back and shut his eyes as the world spun unexpectedly, reaching blindly out for the bottle. “So…so you get…you get…what is it we agreed on?” he asked, opening one eye and attempting to drink while lying on his back.
“Daft angel,” Crowley giggled as Aziraphale succeeded in almost choking and spilling wi
:icononigiri-shinobi:onigiri-shinobi 2 4
Loss by MyNameIsSchmem Loss :iconmynameisschmem:MyNameIsSchmem 21 53 Shinigami Dress Up by MyNameIsSchmem Shinigami Dress Up :iconmynameisschmem:MyNameIsSchmem 34 66 DN - L and Light Make a Cake by kiithae DN - L and Light Make a Cake :iconkiithae:kiithae 79 29 Ouran Host Club - Kaoru+Hikaru by kiithae Ouran Host Club - Kaoru+Hikaru :iconkiithae:kiithae 205 36
I Hang in My Mother's Closet
Loosely entwined
hanging by a thread
torn lace and ripped silk
In your quintessential closet.
You would don the dress
when it was flawless.
Now you say the colors, too bright
and the ruffles, blemished
It is a thing to be destroyed
Hidden in the closet
Behind the rainbow scarf
that the moths have devoured.
I will wear it, you say,
with a sweater atop or
a bright pair of shoes
to distract from the whole picture.
Until then, it is to remain in the closet
with the light dimmed low
because I still love it when
it's seems what it is not.
:iconcup-o-java:Cup-O-Java 1 23
The Death Before Christmas VII by yuumei The Death Before Christmas VII :iconyuumei:yuumei 487 63 Near's gay by Go-Devil-Dante Near's gay :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 5,206 855 Carry to Me the Sound of Bells by yuumei Carry to Me the Sound of Bells :iconyuumei:yuumei 7,002 536 Still Alive by yuumei Still Alive :iconyuumei:yuumei 7,956 548 Retribution by yuumei Retribution :iconyuumei:yuumei 5,424 764 Here lies Justice by yuumei Here lies Justice :iconyuumei:yuumei 2,749 590 photograph by belialchan photograph :iconbelialchan:belialchan 922 63 L's tea party by Go-Devil-Dante L's tea party :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 15,243 3,163 candystilllifethingamawhosit by Revolver-Waffle candystilllifethingamawhosit :iconrevolver-waffle:Revolver-Waffle 2 15


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