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For me photography has been an outlet, a way to channel energy into the development of a new skill.  My "style" if you can call it that, is a result of a great deal of experimentation along with trial and error.  It's this journey of trying new things, and the promise of capturing nature's fleeting moments of brilliance, that has propelled me to continue to practice this art.  More than any of those things, however, I realize I have engaged in photography as a sort of self-expression. It's about stories, created by filtering nature through my perspective. To that end, sometimes it's difficult to tune out the static and find the creative voice inside, and thus share it with the world.  To all artists and those who appreciate art, let us this year express ourselves a bit louder, a bit clearer.  Don't be afraid of turning up the volume on that inner creativity, though the words may be hoarse, or that they may emerge in a stammer.  

In 2011, I hope we can tap into that well of feelings stirring within us all: the happiness, the pain, the turmoil, and the harmony.

Let's not strive merely for perfection, but for emotion.
  • Listening to: Iron and Wine: Trapeze Swinger
I have just begun to post here and am glad to find a venue to share my work and discover the vision of other artists.