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"SCREAMS!!!" Contest WINNER!!! 1/3/20

Prompt: Witches be Snitches

1,075 words

Three dripping, naked, dark-haired girls scurried around the locker room looking for their clothes.

They had showered after gym class as always, but upon returning to their lockers to change and get to class, they found their lockers bare, clothes missing.

“Were you looking for these?” came a voice from behind them in the showers.

The three of them whirled, gasping in horror as a pretty, blond cheerleader gave an evil smile and dropped a large pile of clothes to the tile floor before twisting the knob on the shower.


After a day in class spent in soaking wet t-shirts and jeans, the three goth girls--Veronica, Vanessa, and Victoria--met in the empty dressing room of the school auditorium. It had become their private meeting area when Victoria had discovered that it was never locked their freshman year.

“We have to do something about Anna! I, for one, am not going to let her keep getting away with this shit!” said Veronica, mouth twisted in anger.

“Agreed,” said Vanessa, eyes burning.

“Shouldn’t we turn the other cheek?” said Victoria, timidly, eyes flicking back and forth, searching each of her other friends’ faces for a sign of compassion. She found none. “Okay, okay. I’ll do it.”

Veronica nodded, her expression still angry, but losing some of the fierce intensity. She had been ready to turn a tsunami of anger loose on Victoria if she hadn’t caved to the pressure of her peers.

The three girls chalked a diagram on the floor and lit their candles, placing them carefully in position. They sat, cross-legged, around the drawing, joining hands. They chanted.

“We the three,

On blended knee,

Do beseech thee,

‘Let the demon free

For an evil spree

In the vessel she…’

In Anna!”

The candles flickered as their message was sent with a gust of occult wind.


The following day, Anna awoke to find herself feeling better than ever. As she dressed, she noticed the tightness of her bra, the added firmness and flatness to her stomach, the improved muscle tone in her already lean, curvaceous legs.

As she put in her earrings, she smiled, knowing that, for the boys, she would be walking, talking temptation. For the girls, she would be scourge of their existence--especially for those goth girls, the Vs, whom she despised.

She couldn’t wait to get to school.

As she entered the halls in her tight sweater and edge-of-dress-code skirt, she smirked as the guys’ eyes followed her with lecherous delight.

As she made a show of stretching and fidgeting in her desk before Mr. Matthews, Veronica watched her with a scowl in the back corner of the classroom. What the hell? The spell that the three Vs cast was supposed to have turned a demon loose on her! It was intended to teach her a lesson. Instead, she seemed more attractive, more boldly wicked than before!

At the end of the class, Anna bumped into Veronica on her way out. Veronica’s books and notepads went flying, skittering and scattering all over the floor.

“Geez, Veronica! I know you’re into girls--especially ones as insanely hot as me--but you don’t have to go bumping into me to get your thrills,” Anna said, loud enough for the rest of the class to hear. A symphony of snickers accompanied the rising flush on Veronica’s cheeks as she quickly gathered her things and ran to the hall. Anna watched the flustered girl with a beatific grin.

Veronica found Vanessa and Victoria in the hall.

“I think our spell backfired somehow, guys! Anna is more incorrigible than ever!”

The two friends simply stared at her.

“What does incorrigible mean?” asked Victoria, wide-eyed.

“It means she’s even more of a fucking bitch than before!” seethed Veronica, her roiling anger at Anna’s easily orchestrated humiliation beginning to bubble around the lid she was failing to keep over it.

Anna walked by the three at that moment, her amused eyes finding Veronica’s. Veronica gasped as she saw faint red light glowing around the edges of the girl’s azure irises. Anna continued down the hall, never breaking stride.

“My God! The demon is inside her… and it’s helping her!” breathed Veronica in a loud whisper.

“So what do we do?” asked Vanessa.

“We need to exorcise it! We should never have called a demon in the first place!” said Victoria, a look of horror painted on her face.

Veronica considered.

“You’re right. We’ll have to think of another way to get back at her. Apparently, the demon we called isn’t doing our bidding, it’s doing hers. We have to get rid of the damned thing.”


After school, the three girls waited in the dark, hidden corner of the girl’s locker room for cheer practice to end, each clenching a photocopy of latin text tightly in her hand.

As the squad boisterously entered the locker room, led by their nemesis, they began to chant in whispered tones.

Anna perked up and looked around. Veronica fretted that they would be discovered, but the girl simply gave a cryptic smile and joined the other girls in the showers.

As the girls finished their rite, they slipped away to the school hallway.

“Did it work?” asked Victoria.

“I don’t know. I guess--I mean, we finished it without a mistake, right?” said Vanessa.

“Right,” said Veronica, sounding more certain than she felt.


That night, Veronica awoke with dread to a silhouette in the darkness, every hair on her body rising.

“Hello?” she asked in a timid voice, eyes wide.

“Hello,” came a dulcet feminine voice. Veronica knew that voice. She hated it.

“What are you doing here?” Veronica asked.

“I’m here to thank you for giving me a wonderful gift,” Anna said huskily.

“You mean for the exorcism?” Veronica said hopefully.

“Well, that was amusing, but I meant the one before that.”

“Amusing? Does that mean the demon is still in you? But how? We finished the rite?”

“Didn’t you know the most important part of an exorcism?”

“Most important part?” asked Veronica, genuinely baffled.

“The person possessed has to want the demon to leave…” Anna said, stepping forward to reveal one part of herself in the moonlight streaming in through the window--the nasty smile on her full, parted lips.

“By the way, Satan says thanks for snitching to Him about me rather than to his inferior…”

The scream that followed would be accompanied by two more before the night was over.

It doesn't pay to mess with witches... or does it?
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