Wings of Fortune - Part 9

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Across the street, Father Ryan sat in his car, making notes in his small black notebook as Matt drove away from Mara’s house. When he finished scribbling, he dialed a number on his phone.

“So what have you found?” a voice on the other end of the phone answered without so much as a word of greeting.

“There is at least one recipient of the transference. I am not yet sure about the others,” said Father Ryan, his posture stiffening as he wondered how the other man would take his lack of certainty.

“You need to find out quickly. If scouts are sent, things could escalate quickly.”

“Understood. Should I take any action once I am certain of the recipients?”

There was a long pause. The other voice seemed to be considering.

“You should not. Check with me first. One of them could also be the vessel. If that is the case, we will need to proceed cautiously.”

“Okay. I will call you as soon as I know.”

“Good. Hurry.”

Father Ryan hung up the phone, stared ahead for a moment, put away his book, then started the car. He had four more teens to check on.



Candace’s father was just going to have to wait, Sam decided. The black mega-bat seemed the more urgent problem to Sam at the moment. He leapt in front of Candace, bumping into her with the movement, concerned only with putting himself between the floating redhead and the creature. Her eyes snapped open from the jolt, and she instantly dropped to the ground, stumbling and falling backward onto the bed with the surprised squeak of a bedspring.

The thing’s ebony eyes narrowed, and its hand fired through the glass, showering Sam with sharp crystalline fragments as its razor-sharp claws sunk into his shirt and the skin of his chest. It pulled him through the frame of the window, crackling wood rending and bruising Sam’s face and chest as he flew outward toward it.

The creature clutched Sam to its body, still hovering outside his bedroom window with powerful flaps of its leathery wings. Struggling valiantly to free himself, Sam found he could do nothing as the beast’s arms clasped him in an impossibly strong bear hug.

It opened its mouth to reveal rows of sharp teeth then bit down on his neck. Searing pain burst from its bite, agony washing though the young man, causing his squirming movements to momentarily cease. The sensation was like nothing he’d ever felt, touching him at a deeper level than merely his flesh.

What {i}was{/i} this thing? Some weird, massive species of humanoid bat? A vampire? A demon?

After a two-second eternity, Sam felt its mouth unclamp from his skin. The bite still burned, and, to make matters worse, he could see the satisfaction in its hollow eyes as its head pulled back from him. Seeing this thing with that dark, gratified look on its face sent shivers through his bones. It couldn’t be a good thing.

Suddenly, he saw its eyes widen, and its black arms released him. He dropped to the ground, feeling the blossom of dull pain in his ankle as he landed. His knees collapsed and he rolled onto his back, coming to rest in the grass with the monster still hovering fifteen feet above him.

He saw Candace jump from the window, wings no longer visible, but an angry look on her face. The bat-thing shrieked as one of her arms hooked over its shoulder and the other rocketed toward its stomach, delivering a powerful blow that seemed to knock the air from its lungs.

It twisted violently, raking at Candace’s arm and dislodging her from its body. She dropped to the ground next to Sam with a thump. They both watched as the thing flew away in an erratic motion, its huge wings whipping as it gained altitude until it disappeared in the morning sun.

Sam and Candace lay on the lawn, stunned, peering at the thing until it was lost in the distance.

A head popped out of the mangled window above them, and Candace’s father’s face came into view, staring down at them wide-eyed.

“What the fuck was all that!”

His head disappeared inside once more, and he ran toward them across the lawn as Candace rose slowly to her feet. Both she and her father checked her over for signs of injury, but she seemed unharmed.

They moved to check Sam next. He had been unable to stand, but he was sitting upright, a strange black wound on his neck. His shirt was torn and bloody from the glass of the window, and his hands were clutching his ankle, which had been twisted or sprained, at a minimum, from his long fall.

Candace’s father placed his hand on Sam’s battered chest and pushed gently to lowered him back to the ground.

“You shouldn’t be moving after a fall like that. We need to get you checked out.”

He pulled out his phone and dialed 911 for an ambulance.

Sam could hear Candace and her father talking, but he was feeling woozy and weak from the odd bite on his neck. He couldn't follow what they were saying at first.

After a minute, the world seemed to come back into focus, and he heard Candace’s father speaking.

“Where are your parents?”


“Your parents?”

“My mom’s traveling. She’s not around for a couple of days.”

“Do you have her number?”

“Yeah. In my phone.”

Sam reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone. He read the contact number to the man and heard him leaving her a message. As he exited his contact list, he noticed a new text message from Mara.

“Morning,” it said. Sam texted a response.

“Morning. A giant bat bit me. Headed to the hospital.”

“Sure and pigs can fly”

“No but Candace can”


He put away his phone as the paramedics arrived, answering their questions with a concerned Candace and her dazed-looking father standing by. He didn’t see the subsequent texts that appeared from Mara after he didn’t reply.

“Why so quiet?”


“What’s going on?”

“Are you really heading to the hospital?”


“That’s it. Heading to hospital now. If this is joke, will slap you silly”

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Yes! more is happening... and it’s short and a cliffhanger.... Damn you and your good writing! 🤣😉

Still, this is interesting: Whatever is going on Father Ryan is at least somewhat involved. How deep has yet to be seen. 
This chapter pretty much also confirms that they have all, most likely, been affected in some way, with the most obvious ones being Matt and Candace.
Candace still can’t access her power consciously which might lead to a big reveal when she finally does (waiting for this impatiently)
Now we also have a “vessel”; in my mind we have to prime candidates: Candace (duh) and Sam.
Candace is the most obvious, plus she has shown having greater mood swings and changes due the the “transference”. The Biggest (and only) reason I have against this is simple; it’s to obvious.
Sam hasn’t show any ‘great) changes but we know that something has happened according to Mara. I will also refer back to the point when Candace called him her “Guardian angel”. Honestly, this could mean nothing but in written fiction nothing is truly a random coincidence.
Also I will argue that it has potential to be good plot; the insignificant protagonist actually having more importance than he ever knew.

But that’s just my take on the matter for now...