Wings of Fortune - Part 3

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“Mara and I are going to the movies this afternoon. Wanna come?”

Sam’s thumbs trembled in excitement as I texted back.

“Yes! W&w?”

“Mall @ 3”

“C u then”

Candace had asked him to go to the movies with her.

Candace had asked him to go to the movies with her.

Oh. My. God.

That Mara would also be there did nothing to temper his enthusiasm. He was going to see Candace again!

He beamed as he got into the car.


Sam paced in front of the theater as he waited for the girls to arrive. Getting there twenty minutes early was probably a little overboard, but he didn’t want anything to prevent him from meeting up with Candace.

He checked his phone. No texts. It was 3:01. Where was she? He mentally chided himself for the thought. One minute? You’re seriously going to worry about her being a single minute late?

As he looked up, he caught sight of them, Candace’s hair glowing like satin embers in the afternoon sun. She was deep in conversation with Mara as they climbed the steps to the theater entrance.

When Candace saw him, she smiled. Sam reflexively returned it with a lopsided grin of his own as he studied her viridian eyes. The look appeared again, maybe not as obvious as before, but it was there nonetheless.

There was a bit of mischief, a bit of gratitude, and a bit of something else. He couldn’t quite… No! It couldn’t be, could it?


It was a look he hadn’t seen in her eye before, certainly not for him. He shook the thought away. Wishful thinking. That’s all it was. If he wanted to see desire, he should just think of her and look in the damn mirror. Then he could see what desire looked like.

Mara’s eyes moved from Sam to Candace and back again. Her mouth momentarily fell open before she clamped it shut.

What was that all about? What had Mara noticed? Could Sam have been right? Had she seen desire in Candace’s beautiful eyes too? He was going to have to have a chat with her if he could manage to get a moment alone...

“Thanks for coming, Sam, my knight in shining armor…” She let those words sink in, a coy look on her face, before continuing. “Mara here wants to see Bloody Murder 3, but I was thinking more along the lines of Teen Shenanigans Part 2. Maybe you can break the tie?” she asked, holding her hands behind her back and twisting slightly from side to side.

She was dressed conservatively, but it was difficult to hide the swells of her nubile breasts behind anything, let alone tight, thin fabric. Could she make it any harder for Sam to concentrate, pushing them outward like that?

“I… uh…” he said, tearing his eyes away from Candace and focusing them on Mara, so he could recover from his vision-induced bout of babbling idiotitis. “How about Teen Shenanigans?”

Candace’s smile broadened as she turned toward Mara, a victorious sparkle in her eye.

“See? Sam has good taste. He doesn’t go for that lame slasher movie stuff.” She gave him a wink. Were her lashes thicker? Sam had spent many hours memorizing Candace’s features, and he had always thought of her eyelashes as thin.

“Yeah. Like that dumbass, raunchy comedy is going to win an Oscar or something,” said Mara in mock outrage. “But whatever. If you guys want to see an insipid high school comedy written by some fifty-seven-year-old guy in Hollywood, so be it.”

The friends bought their tickets and popcorn then walked into the theater to take their seats. Finding the seats that matched their tickets, they sat down, Candace in the middle, Mara and Sam to each side.

Candace’s skirt slid up her leg as she wriggled into the seat, giving a tantalizing view of the milky skin of her upper thigh. She didn’t seem to have noticed. She didn’t brush the cloth back down, anyway.

Sam glanced sidelong at her legs, attempting to evade notice. It didn’t work. She noticed anyway.

“What?” she said, with a questioning smile, turning toward him, inadvertently shifting her skirt further up her thigh. Sam fought the urge to look.

“Nothing. Just wanted to make sure you’re comfortable,” he recovered nicely.

“Yes, silly. But thanks for checking,” she said with a grin, then shifted toward Mara to continue their debate the relative lameness of teen romcoms.

Her attention elsewhere, Sam was free to ogle her slender legs. Which he did. As often as possible. All movie long.


After the movie, Candace ran off to use the restroom, and Sam had his chance to question Mara.

“Mara, outside the theater, when we first met up, you seemed surprised for a minute. What was that all about?”

Mara’s eyes widened briefly at the unexpected question, and she paused for a moment before responding.

“I don’t know. I just thought I saw something. No big.”

“What? What did you think you saw? Was it me?”

“Well, yeah it was you. You were looking at Candace like a lovesick puppy! I almost had to throw you a doggie treat or something,” she said with a wicked grin. “But that’s not…” She trailed off, expression changing to look almost troubled.

“That’s not what?” Sam said, growing exasperated by her reluctance to come out with it.

“It’s just that I thought I saw something in Candace’s expression, that’s all.”

“Saw what already?”

Candace was walking back toward us. If Sam didn’t get her talk now, he would lose his opportunity.

“She seemed into you for a sec. I know, crazy right? Candace is never into anybody...”

Candace came within earshot then, and Sam couldn’t ask Mara any more details.

Mara greeted her and the two got to talking again. Sam’s world tilted as he absorbed Mara’s words, confirmation that he hadn’t been imagining things when he’d seen her look himself.

Could Mara be right? Could Candace actually be into him? He staggered behind the two girls, thoughts swirling in a tantalizing vortex, as they walked toward the mall to grab a bite to eat.

Sam, lost, until now, in a flurry of hope that he might actually have a shot with Candace, began to tune in to the conversation of the girls as the three friends entered the food court of the mall. They were bickering about food choices.

“I don’t know how you eat that stuff and keep that figure of yours!” said Mara. “I’m playing sports all the time, and I think I still have higher body fat than you!”

Smiling, Candace shrugged.

“What did you want to eat? Please don’t tell me you want a salad or something…”

“How about Chipotle?” Sam chimed in.

The two girls turned to face him, both considering.

“Not a bad idea…” said Mara.

“I’m in!” said Candace.

“Let’s get a table first,” said Mara, winking at Sam.

Sam saw her wink and gave her a questioning look. He didn’t get it. Mara rolled her eyes at him.

Sam and Candace sat down at the table, but Mara remained standing.

“I’ll be the food mule. I know what you want, Cand. How about you Sam? Burrito? What are your toppings of choice?” Mara winked at him again. Sam simply gave her another clueless look.

As Sam rattled off his preferences, Mara circled behind Candace.

As he finished, he noticed Mara mouthing words in exaggerated fashion. She was using both hands, raised over Candace’s head to point to her. It looked as if she were trying to pound the same letter on a keyboard with each index finger repeatedly.

Dude! This is your chance!

Sam finally understood what Mara was telling him. His heart swelled in gratitude as she left to get their food. Then it plummeted to his ankles.

Oh, my God! The pressure was on. Now he had to a few minutes to do something to impress Candace. Or maybe ask her out?

His palms began to sweat as he fidgeted with his fingers under the table, the pair sitting in awkward silence.

His mind was completely blank.

He was blowing it!

“So… how are you doing since the whole… you know… thing at the pond.” Smooth. Real smooth. Fuck! Sam fought the urge to clunk his head on the table.

Candace reacted unexpectedly strongly to the question, lips curling downward and eyes darting down to the table.

“I’ve been feeling…” she started before pausing to shift in her seat. “...kind of different.”

“Different? How?” asked Sam, nervousness fading as his curiosity rose.

“I, um, don’t really know how to explain. Sometimes I feel lighter… like more positive, more grateful.”

Candace still didn’t meet Sam’s gaze. Sam had never seen her like this. She was usually so confident. She normally had this friendly aloofness that made her approachable but not relatable.

When he had asked her about how she was feeling—a routine question, really—she had become hesitant and unsure of herself. It was so unlike her. She seemed to want to say more but was having trouble getting it out.

“I-I’ve also been having these thoughts, you know…?” A blush blossomed on Candace’s cheeks, but she seemed to be forcing herself to continue. “L-like, um… God, this is so embarrassing!”

“What is it, Candace? You can tell me…” Sam attempted to help her along.

It backfired.

Candace met his eyes briefly, then looked away again.

“It’s nothing. Really. I’m fine.” She gave an insincere smile and crossed her arms under her breasts, making them more visible under her movement-tightened top. Sam hadn’t realized quite how big she was getting up top. Her breasts had always been nice, but they seemed fuller than before.

Mara arrived with a tray, and Sam let out a breath. It was the end of his moment alone with Candace. He now had more questions than answers. And he hadn’t impressed her. And he hadn’t asked her out.

But she had begun to confide something in him… though he wasn’t entirely sure what. That was something, though. Right?

Mara looked from one to the other and furrowed her brows.

“Burrito time, guys!” she announced, shrugging away her confusion.

They ate their burritos, chatted for a bit, wandering through the mall, then went their separate ways.

When Sam flopped in his bed to think over today’s events, his phone dinged with a text from Mara.

“WTF happened lover boy? Xoxox XD”


“That good huh?”

“She started to talk then got embarrassed”



“So no xoxox?”



There was a pause for a few minutes, then another text from Mara.

“U me Cand tomorrow her house at 3. Thank me later”

“Feeling sick. *Cough* *Cough* Might just be u2 ;)”

“U = rockstar”


Sam cracked a huge smile. He owed Mara. Big time.

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This is definitely a slow-burn... Yet I’m so excited to see what happens!
Like; it seems that some characters has been changed due to the (angels) falling down in the beginning, thereby, somehow, inheriting attributes from them!

Or Mara is the best wing-woman ever. Seems like coin toss really. 50/50 chance 🤣