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Obviously a great story as usual, but out of curiosity, have you considered to describe the transformations as they happen? Usually they happen while the main character is away or the transformed character is a sleep and has improved more the next day etc.

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I actually do that quite often. Synergy, Shadowgirl, The Lake, Ripples in Reality, In a Class of Her Own, The Dreamer, Sex and Drugs, A Day at the Office, Ashley’s Envy, Rachael’s Ascension, Clothes Make the Woman, All That Jazz, The Comicomancer, and Thick as Thieves all have “on camera” transformations. And there are probably more. Those are the ones I can remember.

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Thank you so much, Mr. Motion. ;)

Hawk9600's avatar

I love this! Can’t wait to see where it goes

HikerAngel's avatar

Thank you so much, Hawk! I’m looking forward to continuing this one, but Ripples 2 and Synergy 2 will come first. :)

Hawk9600's avatar

Ooo, Synergy 2? Awesome.

HikerAngel's avatar

Yes, Koopa commissioned a wonderful idea for a sequel... :D

KeithXZ's avatar

Really terrific. I love this kind of story, and they are so rare! This is how you first caught my attention Hiker.

HikerAngel's avatar

Thank you, Keith. I had fun writing this one. It reminded me of my interactives. :)

The-PBG's avatar

Well now to expose the chemical to the rest of the school. I wonder if it would work on guys. Hopefully it can help the main character keep himself under control

HikerAngel's avatar

Now there’s an interesting idea... ;)

Will this perfume leading to Nina's corruption or world domination ?

HikerAngel's avatar

Only time will tell... ;)

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