Mien of Meaning

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By HikerAngel

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Leaves of high trees rustle

Telling white picket fences

Along country houses

To open for family.

The summer breeze billows curtains,

Gives voice to wind chimes

That ring with tinkling comfort,

And deliver delicious scents to taste.

As I enter her sacred space,

The corners of eyes crinkle,

And lips form true welcome

With merely a creaky smile.

Grandma moves about the kitchen,

Motion stiff but easy,

Desire to please giving her vigor.

Rolling pins and dough

From counter to oven,

Treasures inside to discover.

But the real fortune is love,

The heart underlying the scene.

Tears well with fond emotion

Of our fleeting time together,

Two souls wed by one mien of meaning.

23 lines of free verse

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