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First Place WINNER!!! in the Poetic Traditions Poetry Contest on

On Christmas Eve, I walked inside the church

And knelt before the pew, hands clasped to pray.

This time, God nearly answered from his perch,

But near’s not quite, heaven sent no gold ray.

I felt the power so near, so far, distant

Yet still before my squeezed and tear-filled eyes.

An hour before the mass, so unresistant,

I forged celestial bridges without lies.

Honest was I this day under His gaze,

My bitter mouth would not relations tear

About who truly caused us to part ways,

My soul upon Christ’s first earth day laid bare.

Almost, not quite, three words He nearly lent.

I wondered what exactly Sistine meant.

English Sonnet 14 lines

Rhyme: abab;cdcd;efef;gg

Meter: Iambic Pentameter

A connection so near, yet not...
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