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Hah. I've been reading some LitRPG lately, so when I saw that in the tittle I wondered what approach you'd take with it.

[one page later]: Well that was straightforward. Should have guessed! Laugh

Heck of a character class you just picked up there, Freddie. Here I expected your entry-level spell to be "fairy light" or something. Instant gifting of attributes for only a couple mana each? Damn!

Lindsay is also exceptionally quick to believe that Freddie was responsible for the change in his coworker, as well as his outlandish explanation about "screens" and "mana."

But as we get more in to what Lindsay's drives are, I say: yes, absolutely, that's the kind of character I love to see in a HikerAngel story.

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You're right! They are too quick to believe Freddie. I'll need to fix some things in this first part. I actually wrote this first part a long time ago in an interactive, and I'm revisiting it. It will soon become apparent what drives Lindsay and Xei Li... :)

I've read a little bit of LitRPG, but the only one I've really enjoyed was this one:

I love the whole series, though I haven't yet read the latest. I especially love the slow burn romance between Riley and Jason. :)